There are many things you can do to improve your home, but some things are more necessary than others. You should always pay close attention to your roof, signs of pests, damp, and your windows. These areas are easy to forget about, especially if you’re more focused on the interior design of your property, or the beauty of your garden. However, the things listed above can lead to structural damage if they’re left unchecked, which is why you must keep up good maintenance in these areas. To help you with some of the basics, here are five signs that your windows might need replacing or fixing.

1.   Mould/Damp

Mould is usually a result of damp, and it’s dangerous to have in your home as inhaling certain spores can lead to illness. Usually, black mould is the most common, and if you see it forming around your windows this could be due to a deteriorated seal. Other signs of damp include bubbling wallpaper or peeling paint, and a musty smell. If you noticed any of these things around your windows or in the areas nearby, this could be an indication you need to have them replaced.

2.   Locks and handles feel fragile

Overtime the handles you use to open your windows will naturally become worn out, but if they break or snap off, this can leave you in a difficult situation. You might be unable to open your windows to let the fresh air into your home, or perhaps the locks break leaves your property in vulnerable. If you notice that your window’s handles or locks are beginning to rust or feel fragile, get them fixed, or get a new window entirely.

3.   Condensation

This is another sign that your window’s seal might be compromised. Usually, you will notice condensation inside the glass between the two panes, but you might also discover it on the inside of your home. The latter could mean that you need to open your windows more to let the water vapour out of your home, but if you’re concerned, contact a company like this one that specialises in windows in Birmingham. They will be able to investigate for you and offer you a replacement.

4.   Draughts

Another tell-tale sign that your windows are in poor condition is if your home feels draughty. If you’re noticing that your home is much cooler than usual there’s a good chance it’s because the windows need fixing or replacing. Hold your hand up close to the window if you’re unsure, and if you feel colder or a gentle airflow, this is a sign they are the cause of the problem.

5.   Leaks

Finally, if you can hear water dripping or can see this happening around your windows during heavy rainfall you must replace them. The outer seal will have been damaged, and while you can patch this up it’s likely to keep happening. Don’t ignore this issue as the water will only lead to further problems with damp and could damage the brickwork around the window.

If you noticed any of these signs around your windows, ask an expert to take a look at them for you to avoid the problems getting worse.


5 Signs It Is Time to Upgrade Your Windows