Storksak Noa Changing Bag

March 17th, 2015 — 11:15pm

I am not going to pretend that I use this bag as a baby changing bag, as my children are both at school now. However I am going to tell you that I love to use it, and the majority of work bags out there could learn a thing or two from the Storksak Noa.


Yes the Storksak Noa Grey is a pretty perfect baby bag for a mum, whether that is of a baby, toddler, child or all three. It’s a good looking carry, wipe clean inside and out, and includes a changing mat, an insulated bottle pocket, internal and external pockets as well as a separate mini-organiser bag, which features six pockets and an internal compartment. The straps include do the usual necessary adaptations for hanging on prams, with stylish silver hardware and luxurious leather handles. 

storksak inner

I retired my last baby change bag a good few years ago now and have now returned to handbags, a refreshing change. The challenge these days as a working mum of two school age children is that I ‘travel heavy’ so a handbag usually isn’t big enough as it becomes overloaded and heavy and uncomfortable to carry. Never more so than when I come straight from work with Macbook in tow, afternoon snacks and changes of clothes for the after school Beavers, Rainbows, tennis, rugby, swimming etc. Just when I thought my baby bag days were over it would appear my need for capacity puts me back in the zone and the good news is Storksak makes grown up versatile bags that continue to be just what you need even when both your children are at school. So if you’re a modern parent looking for a new bag that will go from new born through to Primary School, and one that Dad would be happy to carry too, check out the new Storksak Noa Grey.

The Storksak Noa Grey is a new design for Spring/Summer 2015 and is available online, RRP £75. I was sent mine at the beginning of February to review and thanks to the hardwearing coated canvas fabric my lovely new bag still looks as good as new. Here’s me rocking mine…

storksak collagePhoto’s taken by the very lovely Nadine Hill from Juggle Mum.

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Wish Upon A Star with Hibou Home’s Magical NEW Wallpaper

March 4th, 2015 — 10:54am

I am having to promote Lil H to Mr H as he is rapidly approaching his 8th Birthday in April! We are having a pre-birthday bedroom clear out, the  play table so perfect for playing with trains is now a dumping ground, the trains were sold on before Christmas last year and it is time to clear out and upgrade from my boys bedroom.

This fabulous “Stars” range of wallpaper from Hibou Home caught my eye and has made it onto my Pinterest board of home-inspo.



A contemporary but sophisticated, a beautiful print which features a combination of differently sized stars that have been sporadically placed for a truly unique and captivating look. Not just for boys the wallpaper is available in three stylish shades including an on-trend dusky pink Blush, shimmering Silver and a celestial Stellar Blue, the dreamy colour palette will coordinate wonderfully with today’s modern home and inspire a new generation of star gazers. The Silver and Stellar Blue colourways feature a subtle metallic finish on the stars creating a delightful twist within the sophisticated designs. 

hibou-home-pink-girlsWhat do you think, you like? Any tips and advice for long lasting bedroom design from 8 years up?


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Half Term Dinner Out At Pizza Express

February 22nd, 2015 — 2:49pm

We’ve been to Pizza Express before but not for a while and after a lovely half term week I fancied closing the kitchen and having dinner out so we were delighted to have been invited by Pizza Express to enjoy the new fun-packed Paddington experience at our local Pizza Express in Wilmslow.

The restaurant was busy with lots of families on Friday evening, I always find it more relaxing to know we’re in a family friendly environment and one where I can feed the family and not then have to tidy the kitchen and get a glass of wine is a bonus! I really like the open kitchen at Pizza Express, there’s something reassuring about the quality of the kitchen and freshness of the ingredients and food sharing the full process with all customers.

The kids ordered from the Piccolo menu having dough balls with cucumber and Salad to start, followed by their choice of pizza or pasta dishes and dessert and Bambinoccino. Mr L and I both ordered Romana Pizzas, Il Padrino with a side of polenta chips for him and a hot and spicy Etna with a side of coleslaw for me. Orders placed and drinks arrived the Mr H and Diva G focussed on the activity sheets. There was plenty to keep H aged 7 and G aged 5 occupied drawing, colouring, word searching and puzzling.


The dough balls landed, were split and spread with garlic butter and quickly eaten up. Our main courses arrived and our Romana pizzas were so much bigger than the Pizza Express pizzas I recall from previous visits, thinner, crisper and certainly my pizza of choice now. Diva G enjoyed pasta and Mr H pizza and then returned to drawing their Paddington competition entries having ordered our desserts. A lovely vanilla cheesecake, Tiramisu, chocolate brownie and ice-cream sundae arrived, followed by a coffee to wrap up a lovely family supper out.

Thanks very much for having us for dinner Pizza Express we were very well looked after, the food was great, Mr H and Diva G loved the activity sheets it kept them occupied for the whole meal, we all had a great time!

Pizza Express Review

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January Arbonne Beauty Haul

February 16th, 2015 — 11:19pm

Having watched loads of beauty haul videos and with a large box of goodies from my Arbonne business landing for my lovely clients in January 2015 I thought I’d get my Vlog on and share the loveliness …

So what do you think of my step into vlogging? Let me know your thoughts!  Consultant ID 441264686 

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February 16th, 2015 — 11:05pm

It’s a simple blog post title but one with big meaning.

Why do I do what I do? I work to provide my family with security, lifestyle, good things, nice things, fun things. My freelance contracting, PR and social media business is going well I have a family friendly, term time-ish work life balance but there is a but. The but is, I am one, I am not scalable and if I don’t work I don’t get paid and whilst that’s all manageable as long as my not working is on my terms but when that not working is caused by an illness, mine or one of the smalls, then it’s not so fine. I need that plan B before I need it, that’s what I need a plan B, if that makes sense.

I’ve looked at different options over the last year including moving back to an employed role, looked properly at that right down to having a job offer which I declined because I like what I do and how I do it I just need an additional income stream. Easier said than done, or so I thought. Then I discovered Arbonne, introduced to me by a new mummy pal at school. I’ll be honest I was dubious, but I’ve never been one to turn an opportunity down without understanding it first and having taken the time to understand the business and having already fallen in love with the products I decided to get involved at the end of last year. And you know what? It’s going well, really well and I have some confidence in what I am doing and that I will get the financial security and time freedom I desperate crave for my family and I. You might have seen some of posts on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and this post hopefully explains the new string to my bow. I know where do I find the time? I find the time because the end game is worth it and I want and deserve the end game!

So now you know why I began my journey with Arbonne International, I’m just two months in and I think I will always kick myself for not looking closer at the opportunity five years ago when someone first tried to introduce Arbonne to me – better late than never, all aboard the Arbonne train to health, wealth & happiness! I will be hosting regular virtual spa’s online, the first will be later in February, so if you are interested in joining in, trying the products and learning more I would love that. Just tweet me @Cheshire_Claire or email me: lancaster dot claire

Consultant ID 441264686 

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