5 Ways To help You Pick Netflix Movies #StreamTeam

July 21st, 2015 — 12:28pm

I used to be indecisive but now I’m not so sure. What am I talking about? Which Netflix movies to view, that’s what. I scroll and I add to list and I reckon I spend as much time choosing what to watch as I do actually viewing! I am getting better though, here are some ways I have found to help me stop scrolling and get viewing…

1. Build your own Netflix list and see what Netflix is recommending from you existing viewing choices.

2. Search for #StreamTeam check out the blog posts for recommendations and follow this team of avid Netflixers. You can see my recommendations here.

3. Use IMDB for what’s popular, what’s rated, what’s recommended for you, other movies actors have starred in etc.


4. Check out fan site and apps such as Netflix Roulette, this is a fan created solution to suggest a movie, however there isn’t any “quality control” so you may get a duff one! Another fan site “What is on Netflix” highlights the best ranked movies on Metacritic, IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes that are streamed on Netflix – great quality choices and recommendations, the but is that it is based on the US Netflix database so from time to time a suggested movie isn’t available on UK Netflix.


5. Check out Tim Robey’s regularly updated guide to the best movies on Netflix UK published by The Telegraph, the list ”The 85 best movies on Netflix UK” has uncovered some real movie gems for me.


So, when it comes to Netflix movies, tell me, how do you pick yours?

Netflix Stream Team

P.s. I am not being paid by Netflix, as a member of their Stream Team, I have been given a year of Netflix service. All viewing choices and opinions are my own.


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June Netflix #StreamTeam #Dragons #OITNB

July 21st, 2015 — 12:08pm

For the junior viewers at Villa Lancaster June has been all about the newest Netflix original series “Dreamworks Dragons: Race to the Edge” starring everyone’s favourite dragon and trainer duo Hiccup and toothless.

Dreamworks Dragons Race to the Edge

For Mr L and I it’s been all about the new Season 3 episodes of “Orange Is The New Black”. They were added, they were watched and now we are back to waiting for Season 4 *sigh* June 2016 can’t come soon enough to catch back up with Piper and her band of panty girls.

OITNB Season 3 Netflix

In July I fully expect will be returning to watching The Killing … what are you and your family watching on Netflix?

Netflix Stream Team

P.s. I am not being paid by Netflix, as a member of their Stream Team, I have been given a year of Netflix service. All viewing choices and opinions are my own.

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Exterior Inspiration

June 24th, 2015 — 12:11pm

If, like me, you need a little inspiration with home building, then there’s no better thing than putting together a board of ideas, or perhaps scrap-booking them if you lots and lots of concepts. I tend to use Pinterest as a great way of sharing my ideas and the approach works really well for interior designs. However, if you live in a 1960s build, as I do, it can seem that there is little you can do to update the exterior. Brickwork and weatherboarding is how most of the homes in Cheshire – as elsewhere in the country – had their exteriors constructed at this time and most of them remain as they were the day they were built. Nonetheless, there are some inspirational ideas I’ve taken from Pinterest and elsewhere.

One of the best examples I’ve seen recently of how to create a new look for a brick built exterior is with composite cladding. This material sharpens the look of a house built in the 1960s or 1970s. Indeed, you see many new-builds using this material nowadays. Grey composite cladding appears to be one of the most popular choices. Furthermore, when it comes to updating old and often mix-matched brickwork – so often the result of multiple extensions which have been added over the years – good old-fashioned render still works well. Render can be painted any colour you choose, once applied. Either way, composite cladding or render, it is a great opportunity to change the look and tone of your home’s exterior in one go.

Adding light to the interior of a home is always desirable, especially for the living quarters. Sliding patio doors on the rear façade is a typical method for achieving this, but they don’t always add to the look of an exterior – not in an inspirational way, at least. Much more preferable would be bifolding doors with cool aluminium frames. The use of aluminium creates a much more pleasing architectural finish to the glazing, so new bifold doors integrate more naturally with the exterior. In particular, I like the look of the low-threshold ones which makes the garden much more a part of the  home than ever before – perfect for summer get-togethers when you want to open the home up!

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Do Kids Need Vitamin Supplements?

June 2nd, 2015 — 2:57pm

There are loads of vitamin and mineral supplements on the market for adults and children. But do my kids really need them?

istock000019808702xsmallPhoto: joecicak/iStockphoto

I remember as a child climbing up on to the kitchen work surfaces and secretly scoffing loads of round super orangey vitamin C loaded Haliborange tablets, my mum would have flipped if she’d ever caught me. Fast forward thirty years and it’s me doing the “flipping out” as I caught Lil H and Diva G ascending the kitchen cupboards to snaffle Haliborange’s Mr Men and Little Miss multi vitamins.

We eat a fairly healthy diet, with fruit and veg in most meals. The children’s diet isn’t as varied as I would like but we have a bank of staple meals I can rely on them to eat, including fish pie, spag bol, roast dinner and generally broccoli, carrots and sweetcorn are also on the approved list! I regard vitamins supplements as an insurance policy, a guarantee that their dietary consumption has definitely ticked all the nutrition boxes.

As much as I try to ensure that my first line of attack on nutrition is diet, I must also be honest and say that Mr L and I are both working parents with busy schedules and it makes it hard for us to get healthy meals every single day. Often this is because we’ve not managed to do the food planning or shopping, we are dashing to / from playdates or kids team sport commitments. There are many days that we are just too short of time and a quick tea and an appropriate bedtime is the priority. Not without mentioning the food and drink whims and whimsy’s of a 5 year old girl and an 8 year old boy – being honest there are days when the food battle is one not worth fighting.

I totally recognise the importance of a nutrient loaded diet, I do my best, some days we’re all good, some days, not so much. That’s why I give vitamin and mineral supplements to my kids – thanks Haliborange for the chewy loaded with goodness goodies – they must be good, my children scale the worktops to get them!

Haliborange Vitamins are available to buy online at www.sevenseasshop.co.uk


Disclaimer:  I am not being paid by Haliborange, they sent us two jars of Mr Men and Little Miss vitamins to try. All opinions are my own.

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I’m Part Of The Netflix #STREAMTEAM

May 31st, 2015 — 8:44am

I have always been a big fan of watching box sets – Dexter, House, Homeland, Greys Anatomy, Private Practise to name a few of my fave US shows. So when an invitation from Netflix landed to invite our family to join the Netflix #Streamteam there was no thinking required, absolutely delighted, thank you!

As part of the #Streamteam we received a Netflix subscription and also Apple TV which we will be taking to our annual Summer staycation down in Cornwall! We are also using this opportunity to work out whether we can turn off our Sky TV subscription – I shall report back!

Here’s what we’ve discovered and enjoyed watching in our first month with Netflix:

Lil H is now 8 and Diva G is now 5, (going on 25!) and they’ve been enjoying episodes of H2O Mermaid Adventures, Horrid Henry and Lego Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu. They have rewatched and always enjoyed Wreck-It Ralph and with Mr L, Lil H loved Iron Man 3.

Kids Netflix Viewing Recommendation

I’d watched series 1 of Orange is the New Black on DVD yonks ago, I’ve rewatched S1 and half way through S2, with S3 out later this month I’ll make sure I’m up to date with Piper and the Prison Princesses! The Killing we’ve heard great things about and Mr L loves a police / detective drama – we’ll report back. We’ve managed a couple of movies too, feel good comedy This is 40 and also the sad, but important documentary about Orcas at Seaworld, Blackfish.

My Netflix Viewing Recommendations

Follow #streamteam for Netflix recommendations from me and fellow members of the #streamteam. Don’t forget to pop back for a monthly instalment of Netflix viewing pleasures!

I’m adding to my watch lists all the time, so what are you and your family watching on Netflix that I need to add?

Netflix Stream Team

P.s. I am not being paid by Netflix, as a member of their Stream Team, I have been given a year of Netflix service. All viewing choices and opinions are my own.

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