Our new house will create two of our three bathrooms as “Jack and Jill” bathrooms. Feel free to check out our first floor. “Jack and Jill” bathrooms are bathrooms with two doors, usually to two bedrooms which is the case for one of ours. My daughters en suite can also be accessed from the spare room and my sons can also be accessed from the landing. This gives all permanent residents and overnight guests en suite bathrooms as well as having a “family bathroom” accessed from the landing. We achieve this without having to have additional and mostly unused bathrooms to pay for and to clean.

Diva G’s en suite is in progress and I shall share the before and afters very soon. We have just past the last of the brick dust days and the new wall to what will become the guest bedroom, currently still the now much smaller bathroom, is up and I am choosing the furniture. It is going to be a wet room style shower room – shower, sink, toilet, storage unit, mirror and towel rail – all wall hung. Colour wise we are going grey – large rectangular tiles, dark, slate grey on the floor and paler, softer grey on the walls.

I’m good with everything but struggling to find the right basin as ultimately for 99.9% of the time it will be Diva G’s bedroom from age five through to adult hood – it needs storage. There will be make up, hair styles and god help us, hair dye to be experimented with. She needs to be able to stand in front of the mirror and be able to have her “stuff” under the sink FOR HOURS!

I spotted this design from Bauhaus, Solo is small, beautiful and rather smart in its use of space and now available in Quartz which is a soft grey – just what I am looking for…


I popped down to my local stockist Opulenza by Tubs and Loos in Heald Green, Cheadle to check it out, loved it. The solo unit is the perfect fit at 500mm wide but the basin is wider than the unit by just 50mm and those 50mm make it just too wide – gutted! Luckily the team at Opulenza helped me leave armed with brochures of alternatives to flick through so I am now a little bit closer to making a decision. With the shower going in this week I need to get on with it too.

If you like the Bauhaus Solo it is also now available in Azure, a gentle blue joining the existing Graphite, Calico and White options, bringing the colour choice to five.