There are hundreds of thousands of families with caravans across the UK. Many use their caravan every year, both for short breaks in the countryside, and for longer journeys into Europe, or to a new part of the UK that they’ve never visited before. Others rarely use their caravan, leaving it to gather mould in their home parking space. Both types of caravan owner might not be making the most out of their investment. This article points out the key ways in which you can keep your caravan in good condition for many trips to come in the future.


One issue regularly seen with caravans in the UK is their overuse. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they should be used sparingly: it simply means that after each long journey with a caravan, you should make regular maintenance checks on your tow. Without these checks, minor issues are likely to compound into more serious issues in the future.

Happily, the checks that you should regularly make to your vehicle are relatively straightforward, and require little in the way of mechanical know-how. Take a look through these caravan maintenance tips for a basic idea of what you should be looking out for when you check your caravan for issues that might one day develop into serious faults that keep your caravan off the road.

Safe Storage

Some families only use their caravans from time to time. They’re fond of their caravan, and they see little use in selling it on. Instead, they keep it at their home – on their driveway, or parked securely on their property. The problem here is simple: the longer your caravan is left in situ, exposed to the elements, the more likely it is to begin leaking and slowly become dilapidated.

To avoid this costly decline in the health of your caravan, it’s essential that you prepare it when you’re not using it for long periods of time. Take out all fabrics and linen from the caravan to avoid damp – and cover it with a caravan cover in order to further protect it from the ravages of the elements.

Update the Furnishings

If you expect one day to sell on your caravan – but you still want to keep it for a few more trips – then it’s worth considering refitting your caravan. Not only will this increase the sell-on value of your caravan when you do part ways with it, but it’ll also give you a brand new feel next time you take it on the road for a short holiday.

The winter that’s well on its way is the perfect time to get stuck in to a little caravan DIY. Look up manuals and other tips and tricks online to help you plan your caravan refurbishment, and slowly work around the caravan’s different elements in order to furnish it with a bright, modern and attractive interior to enjoy on next summer’s holidays.

Make a note of these maintenance tips in order to keep your caravan in good condition, making the most of your investment in your towed home away from home.

How to Make the Most out of Your Caravan Investment.