Curtains are much more than just a traditional window dressing: they can form the basis of a room’s whole look and atmosphere. They’re a practical choice too, offering privacy, warmth and energy-saving benefits. However, with so many fabrics, patterns and styles to choose from, it can be difficult to find the right curtains for your space.

Here’s some great advice from Casey Ho, decorating expert, at with her top five fabric tips for alternative decorating.

A princess canopy bed is every little girl’s dream

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1. Bed canopy
This is on my daughters wish list for her bedroom, along with a climbing wall I might add! A princess bed is every little girl’s dream. Canopy beds not only create imaginative spaces for children, and private dens for teens but can also transform traditional master bedrooms. Net curtains can serve as elegant drapes, which will not only create a dreamy look but can also filter the light coming into a room to help you get a restful night’s sleep.

2. Nooks
Switching off from tech and curling up in cosy nooks is very on trend for 2017. Apart from being decorative coverings, curtains can also be used to create new space within a room. For example, a cute and colourful reading nook can motivate your little ones to favour a book over the PlayStation. Also, creating a special play area can help keep toys in one place instead of strewn across the house; giving you a break from the tidying up.

Create a reading nook with curtains

3.Cabinet curtains
Replacing cupboards with curtains is an easy kitchen update – Casey explains “Take inspiration from rural country kitchens and swap cupboard doors for cabinet curtains, traditionally created using gingham fabrics this decorating concept has seen a huge resurgence in recent years with people opting for botanical prints and pastel shades to harmonise a quaint kitchen aesthetic.”

House and Home room dividers

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4. Room separators
I’m a big fan of voile curtains and this is a great way to make the most of larger spaces. “As children get older, they often don’t want to share space with their siblings but for larger family’s, separate bedrooms isn’t always an option. Creating a fabric divide is a great way to give growing girls and boys the privacy they crave whilst not completely isolating the younger ones who can still peep their head in, when they want to play. It’s also a great solution for downstairs living spaces, especially if your home has an open plan layout – use light voile fabric between the living and dining rooms or on the door of the utility room to mask the chaos that’s been brought in from outdoors.”

5. Door curtains
Keep the cold out and the heat in with door curtains, very useful if you need to improve insulation of your home. Thanks to their thick texture and thermal lining, the door curtains can stop cold air from getting into a room. They are a relatively inexpensive solution for draught-proofing your home, as well as an elegant piece of décor that puts a stylish final touch to your entrance hall.”
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