The pumpkins have been carved and the fireworks are in the biscuit tin ready to go!  I am still to choose the Christmas photo and thought I would share some of my tips for choosing the perfect photo for to your Christmas card, photo insert or birth announcement: 


  • Choose a Christmas card design that reflects you and your family
  • If you like a few you could order more than one design or have both a card and a photo insert
  • Select a coordinating photo that’s sweet and simple—avoid busy backgrounds or too much action
  • Think about the colours on both your photo and your card design —black and white photos tend to look best with a brightly coloured design, and you will want to avoid using a sepia toned photo with a brown card
  • Keep it simple—too many frills or colors will ruin the elegance of your message!
  • Make sure you’re camera is on the highest quality setting on your digital camera, ideally try to ensure the resolution is 300 and the image size is at least 800 x 1200 pixels

Can’t wait to see your festive choices!

Claire x


P.s.  Don’t forget to place your orders by Friday 14th November 2008 on for delivery before December (Friday 5th December 2008 for delivery before Christmas)