As a child we had a dog, a Border Collie called Sam. As a household with both parents working full time we have two cats and although both the kids and I would love a dog we’re not at home enough to feel it’s kind to have a dog join our family… yet! One day we will and post COVID-19 the working environment is evolving to be much more home working friendly so perhaps that time will come around sooner than it might have without “Lockdown”.

I’d love another Border Collie but in my heart I know it wouldn’t be the right breed of dog for our busy family life, but when we come to making the decision to get a dog how do you know what breed to get? I’m not alone in pondering this thought. With so many breeds and crosses to choose from narrowing it down is really quite a challenge. I have friends with the lovely pooches – Collies, Cavapoos, Cockapoos, Labradors, Spaniels and Heinz 57 rescue pups.

All are wonderful pets and companions for each family but all completely different when it comes to loyalty, energy, affection, friendliness, and fun-loving. All totally cute and lovely but just because that breed works for one family unit doesn’t necessarily mean that that breed’s temperament is a good match for another.

To help towards compiling a shortlist of prospective pet pooches, Lords & Labradors have created a new star sign guide which matches your star sign with a dog breed. This guide agrees that a border collie wouldn’t be the right choice for me suggesting a Dashund for me, a Shih Tzu, a Labrador and a French Bulldog (cute!!) for other members of the household.

It’s a fun interactive that looks at each star sign and based on the characteristics, it matches you with your ideal pooch. Have a go and let me know the breed matched to you and share using hashtag #YourDogDestiny

Which Dog Matches Your Star Sign