Household chores are no fun at all. Not many people can honestly say they enjoy cleaning the toilet or sorting through hundreds of odd socks, yet these boring tasks are unavoidable unless you like living in a slovenly mess. The good news is that there are ways to reduce the time you spend tackling boring household chores.

Invest in Time-Saving Appliances

Modern appliances save time and effort. Our ancestors routinely spent a day a week doing laundry, nowadays people outsource and use laundry services as most don’t have time to spend rubbing dirty clothes on racks and wringing them out by hand. Instead, we throw everything in a washing machine, chuck in some detergent, and switch it on. A couple of hours later, we have clean clothes!

It makes sense to invest in time-saving appliances like a dishwasher and tumble dryer. Dishwashers are more hygienic and save time. You can save around two weeks a year by using a dishwasher. That’s two weeks you have available to do other things, like watching Netflix or chatting with friends on Facebook. And if your dishwasher dies mid-cycle, use a reputable dishwasher repair service from Hotpoint to bring it back to life.

Delegate Tasks to Others

Another easy way to save time on household chores is to delegate the tasks to family members. If it takes you one hour to vacuum the house, it will take three people 20 minutes each to do one-third of the vacuuming. That’s a far more efficient use of your time.

Everyone who lives in your home creates some of the mess, so its only fair that they contribute some of their effort to keeping it clean and tidy. The best way to ensure everyone does their share of the chores is to create a rota.

Assign each person a task based on their age and competence level. This ensures no tasks are forgotten about. For example, smaller kids can be tasked with emptying the dishwasher or sorting and folding up clean laundry. Older kids can mow the lawn, stack the dishwasher, and do their own laundry. Stick the rota up in the kitchen and give people the option to swap tasks if they need to.

As soon as your kids are old enough to start helping out around the house, give them chores to do. Even very young children can be taught to keep their own bedroom tidy.

Break Up Chores into Bite-Sized Chunks

Nobody wants to spend their weekend scrubbing floors and dusting shelves, but that’s invariably what happens when we do nothing all week. It’s perfectly understandable that you don’t want to do the chores in the week. After all, you are probably exhausted after a long day at work, so the last thing you feel like doing is mopping the bathroom and cleaning the shower. But if you break chores down into manageable 15-minute chunks, it really isn’t so bad.

15 minutes is more than enough time to vacuum one room or dust some shelves. You can clean a sink and toilet in 15 minutes. You can also mop a floor in 15 minutes. Doesn’t that sound more achievable? Strive to do one 15-minute block of chores each day. That way you won’t be overloaded every weekend.

Be Organised

Keep your cleaning supplies together and don’t buy hundreds of different products. One cleaning spray is perfectly fine for both the bathroom and kitchen. Really! Remove clutter too. The more clutter you have, the harder it will be to clean a room quickly.

Don’t let the household chores get you down. Think like a professional cleaner and you will be finished in no time.