Falling in love is normal, but that does not mean that the other person is for you. Although it hurts, you may find yourself falling for someone you cannot date. They probably do not have feelings for you because they are your coworker or are already committed to someone else. The only thing remaining is to nurse the heartbreak and get over them.

People apply different approaches to the situation as long as it works for them in the best way. Thus, we will bring you several options to handle this situation. Some of them may sound harsh, but if they are the only possible way out, then so be it.

Enjoying Life Together

Many people believe that spending more time with a person that you like will get the two of you closer. However, this approach could also be a moment to accept that you cannot be with this person. If you do not want to cut ties like many people would do, then make this person a friend and enjoy your time together. However, only spend time in ways that are not tempting for either of you.

Cutting Communication

Now, this is an easy way out for many people. If it will help you control how you feel about this person that you cannot date, then do it. This works well if there is no other way you can meet except through contacting each other. Reducing communication gradually and then cutting it completely could work well for both of you.

Engage in a Hobby

Hobbies like sports, games, music, and watching movies keep your mind occupied in an incredible way. Thus, thinking about the person that you want to forget will be very easy. Dedicate your free time to what you love until this person gets out of your mind completely.

Look for Someone Else

If you are lonely, perhaps it is time to try Happymatches, a website that helps people find a perfect lover. Any other venues like social events give people an opportunity to meet others. Look for someone who will make you happy immediately so that you can have an easy time forgetting the other person.

Control Your Feelings

You are in control of your feelings. Imagine realizing that you like your workmate but you cannot date them. You will have to see them every time you report to work. In this case, the best thing to do is control your feelings. This way, you will start to see and appreciate them as a colleague at work. It will also free you from the feelings of love.

Sulk and Let It Sink In

Sulking and letting it sink in is a great way to accept the situation. If you cannot date someone even though you like them, then there is nothing else that you can do. Accepting the situation, especially when there is a good reason, is highly recommended.

If you apply any of the above solutions, life will be better for you. Although it is a heartbreak, it is a situation that can be managed and one will regain their happiness again.

Getting Over Someone Who You Know You Can't Be With