The sun is shining.  Winter boots are gathering dust.  Toe nails are painted.  Flip flops are on.  Don’t look up though, my feet are the only part of me that is Summer ready!  My friend Claire, we worked together too many years to mention ago, is guesting here today to share some great tips to help me, you and everyone who is already missing the comfy, cosy, cover all attire of the Winter months.  So if shedding some pounds is on your wish list, read on…

Three top tips guaranteed to help you lose weight for summer

Claire Benson - Unstuck ThinkingIn my experience of working with clients to lose weight with hypnotherapy there are three things that work for every client, regardless of their size, their goals or their dietary preferences:

  1. Plan meals: take the time to plan in advance what you are going to eat for each and every meal for the week.  Use this time to eat with your imagination as well as taking time to choose foods that you enjoy, that are healthy and will nourish your body. Then you can shop for exactly what you need, keeping temptation out of your cupboards. You’ll also look forward to each and every meal knowing you’ve got something delicious coming soon.
  2. Devise success strategies: we all have our weaknesses – for some of it’s a particular time of day (when the kids are having their tea I can’t help but eat their leftovers, for example) for others it might be a particular food (chocolate) – and developing strategies to get you past your weak moments is critical to success. Replacing habits that keep you fat for habits that’ll keep you slim – for example, have a herbal tea if you want chocolate, Yogi tea does one called ‘choco’.
  3. Enjoy your food: it might seem really obvious but you have to enjoy what you eat, life will be miserable if you don’t. And if you’re miserable or feel deprived you won’t stick with a way of eating in the long term! And if you really enjoy your food you’ll feel much more satisfied too.

Hypnotherapy works by making the unconscious conscious so it stops mindless eating.  The three points outlined above help you take control of what you eat, when you eat and how you eat. And what you’ll find is that even though you are eating less you think you’re eating more … and you’ll enjoy every mouthful!  How does it get it any better than that.

If you’d like to know more about hypnotherapy to help you lose weight contact Claire Benson on 07961 317 251 or email

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