Calling all mums – if you could have one superpower which superpower would you choose?

Now my children are a little older, seven and almost 10 years old I would choose the ability to become invisible. My two a perfectly capable of doing most of their every day requirements themselves yet still yell “MUUUUUUUM” but only when I’m around, when dad, grandma or grandpa are on duty they revert back to being self sufficient! I am not alone as new research has revealed that over 78 per cent of UK mums wish they had superpowers.

The poll of 2,000 UK mothers unveiled that mums wish they had superpowers an average of seven times a day, with 3 per cent wishing they had them 31 times daily! The ability to stop time emerged as the number one superpower that UK mums desired in order to ‘get more things done’.

Other top superpowers on the wish list included: the ability to look into the future (31 per cent), the ability to see through walls (15 per cent), and to have super hearing (15 per cent). 

Top Ten Superpowers UK Mums Wish They Had

  1. Ability to stop time so you can get everything done
  2. To be able to see into the future
  3. Ability to teleport
  4. Having the power to make children fall asleep
  5. A mega-memory to help remember appointments
  6. Super-hearing
  7. Ability to see through walls
  8. Mind control
  9. Super-vision
  10. Super knowledge to help with any homework questions

A third of mums believed their youngest child thinks of them as a superhero, and three quarters of women agreed that being a mother would be easier if they did have superpowers.

The research also revealed that British mums spend on average, five and a half hours cooking per week, and more than one in 10 said they spent longer than 10 and a half hours in the kitchen,  with two-thirds claiming they were the chefs of their household.

Almost two thirds of the women surveyed said they would like to have the power to press fast forward on cooking times and classic family dishes such as roast dinners, lasagne, shepherd’s pie and casserole were identified as the most time-consuming dishes for mums to make.

Supermum Survey

Francesca Woodward from High Street TV, who commissioned the survey, said: “As a busy mum myself I often wish I had several super powers!

“Unfortunately we can’t magic more minutes on the clock, or indeed stop time, but our best-selling product, the digital pressure cooker, Pressure King Pro can help take the pressure off by cooking food up to 90% faster than traditional cooking methods and locking in more vital nutrients to keep meal times healthy.”

Supermum Survey 2

Two-thirds of mums feel their families eat ‘quite’ healthily, and just over a quarter think their families eat enough healthy meals each week.

The three moments mums typically felt most like a ‘Supermum’ was when the house is ‘totally clean and tidy’, when they ‘cook a perfect meal that everyone enjoys’, and when all the children are ‘out of the door and in school on time’.

Kate Middleton was identified as the top role model for mums with 21% of the vote, followed closely by Jessica Ennis-Hill (17%) and Adele (14%). Other famous mums acknowledged as good role models included Louise Redknapp, Giovanna Fletcher, Emma Willis, and Tess Daly.