A sleepover with her friends is on the agenda for Diva G’s 8th birthday party in October. The planning for this started as soon as the 7th Monster High themed birthday celebrations were over “next year I’m having a sleepover” she said from the back of the car on the way home! With this first sleepover party on the horizon I was absolutely thrilled to discover Perfectly Pitched on my instagram feed – what a gorgeous concept for a sleepover. I asked founder Fabienne Donbavand to share more about this fabulous party concept.

Could you start by telling us a bit about yourself and what inspired you to start Perfectly Pitched?
I am a stay at home mum looking after two girls now aged 5 and 1. When my eldest turned 1 I decided not to go back to my office job but to try my hand at running my own business. I set up Bolly Babies making bibs, bunting, bags and items for babies and little ones. I have loved being creative, designing new items and being able to sew each day (having only taught myself since my daughter arrived). When I returned from maternity leave from having my second daughter I decided I would like to provide beautiful experiences on a larger scale. I am still going to continue with Bolly Babies but also provide the bespoke parties through Perfectly Pitched Parties.

Can you tell us more about Perfectly Pitched Parties and what makes them different?
Perfectly Pitched Parties provide a unique sleepover experience for children. The tents, all the bedding and beautiful accessories are provided, styled and set up in their own home. There is no hassle for the parents as we collect all the items the next day removing the need for lots of laundry or worries about finding all the bedding in the first place.
I have an eye for detail and I love to create a really bespoke experience by sourcing carefully co-ordinated accessories to really bring the theme together. A Perfectly Pitched party transforms an ordinary sleepover into a magical camping experience bringing the excitement of sleeping in a tent together with the safety and comfort of being in the house.

So how does a Perfectly Pitched party work?
Perfectly Pitched Parties will turn up on the day of the sleepover at the arranged time and set up the tents, mattresses, bedding, trays and accessories. Each child has their own tent and mattress with a standing tray at the end of the bed with a lantern with a flickering (fake) candle. There are also co-ordinated accessories such as bunting and flower garlands. The set up will then be used and enjoyed overnight for the sleepover and we will then return to collect the items the next day. We can also provide extras such as photo booth props and frame, pamper baskets, entertainment baskets and sleepover survival kits.

How much space is needed for the tents?
One tent with its mattress and tray take up 180cm by 90cm although you would require space to walk in front. A three tent set up would then require approx. 3m by 2m space.

There’s lots of lovely details and finishing touches what is most popular amongst the party guests?
The little guests are always thrilled to see their own named tent all set up and are fascinated to find out what’s in their sleepover survival kit. Currently the Photo Booth accessories are a hit and the images captured definitely help create lasting memories of the sleepover.

What ages is this sort of party concept most suitable / popular?
We suggest a lower age limit of 6 for sleeping in the tents and no real upper limit although we haven’t had any teenagers using them yet! We provide foam mattresses that are 180cm long so for older children we can provide air beds that are the length of a single mattress.

What about boys – is there an equivalent for them? Currently we have the one theme, the popular pastel tents, although there aremore themes on the way. The first of which will be a boy/unisex theme which will be provided with a felt camp fire! If someone is interested in a boys party don’t hesitate to contact me as this is coming soon.

What has been the biggest challenge so far in getting started?
Initially I needed to have all the tents, mattresses and accessories ready for the parties before I had even taken any bookings; which was quite daunting! Although keeping children away has also been tough – my two children and their friends have found the tents irresistible and while setting up they have loved seeing the ideas come together.

What are your favourite websites when it comes to help planning a sleepover party?
I am a sucker for Pinterest! I could stay on there all day and pin away! These parties are very popular in the US and Australia so there are a number of sites posting to Pinterest to fire my (and your) imaginations.

When it comes to your own birthday celebrations how did you celebrate your last birthday?
I am quite a low key birthday girl – which may be why a slumber party appeals to me. My last birthday was spent with my little family on holiday in Scarborough, lunch and a walk along the beach, tea and cake in a café, spending lots of 10 pence’s in the arcades and fish and chips for tea. This year it will also be gentle as we are going glamping in a lovely bell tent for 2 nights.

How do people wanting to know more or book get in touch?
I have various social media pages such as Facebook and Instagram where people can follow Perfectly Pitched Parties. My website has a contact us option at www.perfectlypitchedparties.co.uk or alternatively I can be called directly on 07904 702768.