A few weeks ago I made a parenting oversight – I forgot it was “show & tell” for Lil H at school. In the absence of having anything to show and talk about I thought Lil H would just have had to listen to the rest of the class showing their treasures and sharing their tales.

I met Lil H after school with a treat to make up for my parenting failure. He wasn’t as cross with me as I was expecting, I was slightly confused to be honest! Then Lil H enlightened me that if you don’t have anything to “Show” you just “Tell” – the cold, firm grip of panic set in – what had he told them? That his mummy was rubbish on days she works and shouts a lot? Oh god what did he say? It was worse than I thought!

Me: *nervously* so what did you tell then?
Lil H: *excitedly* that I was having my birthday party at Disneyland Paris and they were all invited!
Me: *stunned silence*

We love Disney in our house – the Toy Story Trilogy is Lil H’s favourite, Tangled is Diva G’s, I love the classic Cinderella and Mr L is a Jungle Book fan. One day, hopefully in the not too distant future, we will make it to Disneyland Paris.  In the meantime I have started a Dream Disney Holiday Pinterest board!

There are different ways to get there and places to stay that make the most of a trip to Paris. For example Paris Est is one of Al Fresco Holiday’s holiday parks that is close to Disneyland Paris, with some great deals currently available for 2013 bookings.

I still can’t stretch to a family of four let alone a class of 30 but I am working on it! I will also never, EVER, forget when it is “Show & Tell”.

FYI – I am entering this post in the Al Fresco Holiday’s giveaway to win a LEGO Advent Calendar for Lil H!