In recent years, memorial diamonds have become a popular trend in the UK. They provide a unique physical connection with your loved one and are a lasting keepsake for the generations to come.

Most people believe that turning ashes into diamonds make them feel less lonely. Others love the idea of transforming ashes into something sparkling and beautiful. Also, some families consider a memorial diamond to be an environmentally way of reducing the carbon footprint. For mothers who have lost a child, these diamonds offer a way to remember them and pay tribute to them. Bereaved mothers can treasure their diamond and carry the memory of their child forever, which I think is incredibly beautiful.

There are many other reasons for the boom of memorial diamonds in the UK or turn hair into wedding rings. Let’s jump right in!

Reasons to turn ashes into diamonds

Memorial diamonds can be set into jewellery like a pair of earring, pendant, or a ring. That way the wearer can always have them close to them. Other reasons that people turn ashes into memorial diamonds include:

  • To avoid the cost of burial
  • For memory and remembrance
  • Memorial diamonds are of higher quality compared to mined diamonds
  • You can carry the diamond with you all the time
  • They can be more affordable than natural diamonds
  • There are many colour options to choose from
  • It take less time to make a memorial diamond than a mined diamond

The process of creating unique memorial diamonds

It takes about 6 to 9 months to turn ashes into diamonds. Of course, the duration will depend on the characteristics you’re looking for. Real diamonds are made in a laboratory—don’t be fooled by the fake imposters out there. Memorial diamonds are made of either 10g of human hair or 200mg of ashes using HPHT technology. When heat and pressure are applied, the carbon changes in molecular structure and becomes graphite.

Before the memorial diamond grows, the impurities are removed through the graphitization process. The graphite from the remains is then placed into the growth cell. This task requires high precision because the slightest mistake could aggravate the process. The bigger the memorial diamond, the longer it will take in the growth cell.

After growth, the rough diamond is uncovered and cleansed through an acid bath. It’s then cut and polished by an expert. By the way, you can request to write a personal message, which is a lovely touch. Lastly, you’re given a certificate that shows the origin of the carbon and the authenticity of the diamond.

Memorial diamonds made from ashes show love and holds a sentimental value. They represent the bond you share with your loved one. For the most part, a memorial diamond has the same physical and chemical properties as a natural diamond grown in the earth’s crust. Depending on your budget, there is a host of options if you’re looking for something unique. Here is what you should keep in mind when creating your unique memorial diamond:


You can place an order for various sizes from 0.03 to 2.0 carats. The jewellery you create must represent the bond you share with your loved one.


You can use different materials (hair or ashes) of the deceased. The extracted carbon will be used as the foundation of creating a unique diamond. Depending on the relationship you shared with the deceased, you can mix your hair and that of your loved one. Sometimes, the carbon from the ashes is combined with generic carbon to create a unique mixture.


The colour and shade of your diamond can help to solidify the relationship of the person whose ashes are within. There are many colour options, and you can choose according to factors such as your loved one’s birthstone.


All diamonds grown in the lab must be cut and polished according to the standards in the industry. You can choose the cut that suits you best.  

Who can make memorial diamonds?

You should choose a trusted company in the UK with a proven record of success. You’ll also want a company that uses the most sophisticated technology during every step of the process. When it comes to remembering your loved one, you want to deal with a service provider you can trust. Heart In Diamond is the one that’s been around since a decade, although recently others entered the market too.

How much does it cost?

The cost of turning ashes into a diamond will depend on the size, shape, carat, and color required. Amber diamonds take less time to make than colourless diamonds. The longer it takes, the more expensive it tends to be. Other factors that affect cost include the technical process involved (purification), cutting, and polishing. The shipment and delivery costs are also factored in. In the UK, the price range is between £515 – £1700.

Memorial diamonds give a lasting reminder of your loved one wherever you go. It’s a great way of paying a fitting tribute to those you love.