Just because you don’t have an enormous home, doesn’t mean you need to compromise on your choice of design and interior. Your modern style can still be showcased, whatever the size, creating an inviting space throughout your home. Decorating a smaller space is the same as decorating a larger one, it simply requires a little imagination and great attention to detail. While the square foot is smaller, the general rules for creating a room you love is the same. A smaller size comes with smaller responsibility, and also a smaller expense when you come to decorate. Whether you are wishing to inject new life into a neglected part of your home or need some guidance in making a smaller pocket of your home look a little more spacious, follow these pointers to help make your home stand out.


There are so many interior design tricks that aim to make your room look bigger, from storage cleverly built into furniture to huge mirrors on the walls, but the best way to add the illusion of extra space is through lighting. Lighting has the power to create a sense of space. Opt for multiple light sources around the room to open up the space. From floor lamps in the corners of the room to table lamps of sideboards, these work well for spreading light around the room making it feel more open and less cramped. Another common trick for making a room seem bigger is to utilise the vertical space. This works particularly well in homes with high ceilings as you can focus the attention on this with a long and tall pendant light. Not only does this create the effect of a larger room but it also is a beautiful central feature to a room in your home.

Neutral Shades

Minimal colour schemes lend themselves to smaller spaces as they help a room seem more open. Paint walls in light greys, beiges and white rather than bold colours that can often take over a small room and feel overwhelming. Property companies such as rw-invest.com take this strategy to ensure their developments appeal to a wide range of tenants, as well as offering a blank canvas that can be used to add personal touches once their tenants reside in the property. By using stylish interiors with wooden flooring and minimalist décor, property companies can maintain a timeless, high-end design.


Accessorising your property really helps turn a house into a home. Adding stylish accessories and splashes of different textures can bring a space to life. Patterned cushions, vibrant artwork and chic rugs will allow you to experiment with colours and patterns without permanently changing the space. However, don’t forget to bear in mind our previous point of neutral tones as busy patterns can sometimes make a small space feel cluttered and messy. Creating balance throughout your home is key and will be essential to ensuring your small space feels spacious and homely.