Most couples struggle to choose between a band or DJ for their wedding day, but the evening’s entertainment isn’t the only time you will be entertaining your wedding guests. There is a lot of waiting around during a standard wedding. People will always talk amongst themselves in the space of time between the ceremony, the meal, and speeches, but it doesn’t hurt to have something else to draw focus to and remove the need for small talk between the guests that do not know each other. Think of your extra wedding entertainment as the ultimate icebreaker and you are along the right lines.

 So, what type of entertainment do you consider? Well, there are plenty of options to choose from, but you will probably want something unique and unexpected for your big day. If that sounds like something you would enjoy, keep on reading to discover some odd yet brilliant ideas.

Bubble Blowing

The concept of bubble blowing is something everyone can get behind, especially if you have young children in attendance. Your guests can make it a competition to see who can blow the most or the biggest bubbles while they are standing around. Also, hiring a professional can provide them with something to watch that they most likely have never seen before.

However, bubble-blowing comes with one additional bonus. Just think of how good your photos will look with some errant bubble reflecting the light around you. It isn’t a lavish concept, but bubble-blowing can be more effective during your wedding than you may think.

Circus Equipment

Part of the fun of a wedding is that you have a room full of different personalities that will rarely come together in daily life. As such, it can be fun to see how these individuals react when faced with a new set of challenges. Hiring a circus equipment expert, again, provides people with something to watch, but it also gets people out of their comfort zone. Certain individuals will be drawn to specific equipment, and they can challenge themselves to pick up a new skill. Also, alcohol and activities that require fine motor skills are always good for a laugh.

Wedding Magicians

At a wedding, you need entertainment that circles a room. You can’t always expect two people that are in deep conversation to engage in something intrusive. However, a wedding magician can circle a room and entertain the people that look like they need some entertainment, instead of trying to hold the attention of everyone.

A professional magician certainly fits the bill of unique, and you never know precisely what they are going to do next. What’s more, you don’t have to break your budget hiring one of these individuals. If you are curious about wedding magician costs, head to Wedding Supermarket to compare prices and research other entertainment options.


Two common wedding staples are wedding favours and entertainment. Both of these items are going to cost you some money, so why not combine the two.

A wedding caricaturist can roam the venue and draw people while they are in their element. This provides people with something to talk about and gives them something that they can take home so that they always remember your wedding. Caricaturists aren’t the most intrusive of entertainers either, which is what makes them such an unexpected choice.

Escape Rooms

Escape rooms are now becoming synonymous with stag/hen dos; however, they have now expanded to become a part of a couple’s big day too. Portable escape rooms are available for hire across the country, and they provide all the fun of the regular activity with a twist.

As the bride and groom, you can build the room yourself, choosing certain traps and puzzles to keep your friends and family on their toes. What’s more, the customisable nature of a portable escape room gives you the chance to rearrange things so guests can have multiple tries at separate trials.

Outdoor Games

A summer wedding comes with many benefits, one of which is that you can extend the party outside. As such, you may want to look at including some outdoor games for your guests while they are waiting for the next part of the day to begin.

There are some standard games that you can choose to include. Giant chess sets and draughts always go down well. However, you can also push the boat out and include giant games of connect four, Jenga, snakes and ladders, and more. The key is to pick games where everyone knows the rules. The sky is the limit when you have a big, open space to work with, so make sure you pick a wedding venue that fits with the entertainment that you wish to include.

Bouncy Castles

While we are still outside, let’s discuss one of the best childhood past times. It is rare to come across a bouncy castle, so it always makes a child’s day when they eventually do. However, you are putting on entertainment for adults. Is a bouncy castle really the best idea?

You would be surprised how quickly people revert to their childish ways when presented with the opportunity. Including a bouncy castle or other soft play equipment at your wedding provide your guests with the chance to blow off some steam in the best way possible. Just make sure you roll it out before the main meal.

Flash Mob

A key benefit of hosting a wedding is that your guests will be in a room where they are unfamiliar with some of the faces surrounding them. So, why not use this to your advantage?

A flash mob is only quick, but the surprise it creates will stick with your guests for a long time. You can even arrange it so you are both parts of the group too or use it as an option for your first dance.


There is no shortage of options for couples that want to go a bit crazier on their wedding day. There are even more ideas out there than the ones mentioned here, so do some research to find some entertainment that reflects you as a couple.