Just like that Summer, that at the beginning seemed to stretch ahead endlessly, is over. Marked by a wardrobe reorganisation, the wetsuits have been moved to the back and school colours brought forward. The queue to have feet measured and new shoes fitted have been braved. Evening routines have been reinstated and bedtimes have been brought forward. This week Lil H started in year two and Diva G started at her new pre-school.

Back to School
When it comes to school uniform I am an devoted follower of Marks & Spencer School Uniform.  Lil H puts his school uniform through its paces – nothing can be worn one day to the next.  A clean polo shirt, jumper and trousers/shorts every. single. day.  So the uniform is on, then straight in the washer, through the drier and back in the wardrobe.  He has worn holes in £50 school shoes within a term but I have never had a hole in the knee of his M&S school trousers, nor a mark or stain that wouldn’t come out.   M&S School Uniform is treated with their unique STORMWEAR+™ finish which they claim makes them resistant to water and stains – this I can confirm.  They’re also crease resistant to keep them looking smart all day long and the adjustable waistlines make for a comfy fit.

All his M&S shorts and trousers have been grown out of rather than worn out and remain in great condition that I have been able to hand them down to a friend so my Lil H had 12-18 months of wear from his age 4 trousers which now continue to look great on their second owner in reception!  So when it comes to buying Diva G’s skirts and pinafore dresses I won’t go anywhere else.

Why?  Simply because it looks good and that doesn’t change, it just keeps looking good.  This isn’t just any school uniform, this is M&S school uniform!

M&S School Uniform

Thank you M&S for sending Lil H a pair of school trousers and Diva G a school skirt in exchange for this review.