Is there such a thing as a Natural Facelift?  What does a Natural Facelift entail?  These were the questions in my head as I drove over to Cheadle.  Sharon Zemmel who tweets as @faceliftmassage had contacted me to see if I would like to experience the Natural Facelift treatment for which she has lots of have regular, happy and youthful customers.

My name is Claire, I’m 38, addicted to beauty products and intrigued!

Sharon has a dedicated treatment room at her home in Cheadle.  When I arrived, Sharon made me feel very comfortable, told me about she had come to start Natural Facelift and showed me a photo album of clients before and after a series of her Natural Facelift treatments.  The results were subtle but there were visible results.  You would think the individuals had undergone a nip or a tuck or a little plumper or filler rather than a six or more weeks of what is fundamentally a massage treatment.  The natural facial massage lasts an hour and uses nothing.  I’ll say that again.  The natural facial massage lasts an hour and uses NOTHING.  No creams, serums, rollers, needles, lasers, surgery, electrical or any other kind of device.

My name is Claire, I’m 38, addicted to beauty products and dubious!

The Natural Face Lift Massage combines holistic therapy with anti-aging techniques and draws on energy balancing techniques, specially adapted massage moves, acupressure points and aesthetic principles which can significantly improve the appearance, texture and firmness of your skin without pain.  A safe and non-invasive treatment.  I was very surprised to hear it used nothing, not a lotion, potion or cream, my mind crept back to my bathroom and dressing table lined with hundreds of pounds of them, my monthly delight at receiving a GlossyBox to explore and try out the latest, greatest new products was I wasting my time and money?  Could I really appear younger without any chemical assistance.  Really?  I was doubtful but I’ll give it a go!

The Natural Face Lift Massage is incredibly relaxing, quickly you succumb to the light touches, rubs, rolls and massging techniques.  I only tell you about the first half of the treatment as I drifted off to sleep, I know what a rubbish reviewer I am!  But the fact I had drifted off says a lot as I do spend the majority of any treatments I have making lists, rehearsing conversations in my head and drafting blog posts.  I know, you don’t need to tell me I’m odd.

The Natural Facelift really is a wonderfully relaxing massage, when I looked in the mirror afterwards I saw my reflection looking fresher, the odd line around my eyes and between my brows lessened.  Whilst I did take photo’s but the difference is too subtle for my camera to demonstrate that to you.  I felt better, I looked better and that made me feel even better and it did last a few days, a series of treatments is recommended for longer lasting results.  I really enjoyed the treatement, it made me realise how much of looking good comes from within and how temporary stress lines could be but not if you don’t r-e-l-a-x!  I’m still a lover of products but the Natural Facelift does proove that you don’t need to undergo expensive procedures – and their possible negative side effects – to look younger.

The Natural Facelift costs £37 per treatement, discounts are available when booking a series and a special introductory rate is available for first time customers of £32 for an hour long Natural Facelift.  So if you too are on the hunt for the perfect way to keep looking young and beautiful you might want to give Sharon Zemmel a call and try her 100% safe Natural Face Lift Massage.

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