Shortly, and by shortly I mean moments, after you have decided which tablet you are going to buy you need to pick a case to keep your newest and most precious possession safe, clean and scratch free. This is almost as big a minefield as the initial “which tablet to choose” because get it wrong and it could hinder your tablet and you might even, heaven forbid, have to take it out of the case altogether! EEP!

At Christmas we had a switch around of tech.  Our first generation iPad was loaded with new apps, given a Ninja Turtle desktop and handed down to Lil H and Mr L picked himself out a brand spanking new Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1.  All I had to do was get a case for it. Such a responsibility, I was lost in an online world of star ratings and reviews and none the wiser thankfully an email from MobileFun saved the day asking if we’d like to review a table case. Yes. Yes we would thank you. I chose their best selling case for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, the SD TabletWear Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 case.

Choosing a case for someone else’s tablet it could have gone so wrong but actually it went so right.  Mr really rates at the case, it fits the Note perfectly and there are cutaways in the appropriate places for the camera and speakers.  The lid rolls down to cover the screen like an apple smart cover, it can also be folded to create a stand a function which works really well at both a shallow and almost upright angles.  The Note has a pen which doesn’t have a proper cutaway which makes it initially difficult to get the pen out, however this has stopped our children getting, and losing, the pen and accessing it is something you quickly learn the knack of.  The case is neat, looks smart, protects the tablet well, is light and practical and with change from £20 is great value for money.

Now, all I need to do is get myself an iPad Mini, then I will head over to MobileFun and pick out an iPad Mini cover

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