This household have really found our Lego mojo in the last year.  Lil H can single handedly follow the instructions of what look to me to be pretty complicated constructions and Diva G really likes LEGO Duplo and LEGO Friends.   There is LEGO in the playroom, the living room, the kids bedroom, our bedroom, the bathroom and the kitchen it’s pretty much everywhere but it isn’t something that has ever been taken to school.  Until now!

The people at Store, who specialise in space saving storage solutions from their store in Chester and their website sent us a LEGO Lunchbox and LEGO Drinking Bottle to review.

Lego Lunchbox & Lego Drinking Bottle

Who doesn’t love larger than life LEGO goodies?  We chose a red LEGO lunch box (RRP £9.00) and LEGO Drinking Bottle (RRP £9.00), with a boy and a girl in the house this appeals to both and for me an old school LEGO-ista red is an original LEGO brick colour.

The LEGO lunch range does however come in nine funky LEGO colours and there’s also LEGO mini-storage boxes to keep veg sticks, olives, nuts, grapes etc. separated.

The lunch box itself is a good size for my kids sandwich, yoghurt squeezy, fruit squeezy & a biscuit, the guys from Store tell it’s 7.5cm high x 10cm wide x 20cm long if you want the specifics.

The LEGO Drinking Bottle is just as fun as the lunchbox with a screw-top LEGO man head and child-proof removable base for easy cleaning and it can go in the dishwasher – winner!

We like the look of the design, the size of the lunchbox and drinking bottle, the choice of colours and that it can all go in the dishwasher.  The lunchbox was a little tricky for my youngest to open by herself so I would say its worth checking your child can open the lunchbox before you send them to school with it.

Fancy some LEGO with your lunch check out the range and lots more at Store on their website