All parents are different. All children are different. Children train their parents differently. This was never more apparent than on Friday evening.

Mr L’s rugby compadre and wing man in life “The Brigadier” came to stay. Previously teenage bad influence and now father of three daughters he is a man of experience so it came as a surprise to me that The Brigadier discovered something he had never seen before and oh how we laughed.

The Brigadier arrived, our first overnight guest at Lancaster Villa, drinks poured and catching up in progress. The Brigadier returned from a visit to the little boys room announcing that he had saved Lil H’s “blue guy” from a watery death. We all looked blankly at him “blue guy”? “Don’t worry, I’ve washed him” said The Brigadier and presented Lil H with the wee target from the toilet! Lil H and the rest of us nearly hyperventilated with laughter especially when Mr L informed The Brigadier that he can make it spin super fast when he goes *heave* !!!

In the absence of toilet training boys, over 15 years of parenting had left The Brigadier innocent of such accessories as wee targets. He is now all the wiser!