Some of the hottest celebrities on the planet have homes or vacation in Mallorca. This year will be a great year to watch for them because the men’s fashion trends are smoking hot. News from  Paris, London, and New York is that 2022 will be an exciting year. It is rare for fashions to change dramatically from one year to the next, but this year it will happen. While you will make some additions to your wardrobe, the basic rules will remain. This includes fit, maintenance, and quality. We will add tips that help you stretch your clothing budget.

Carl Thompson is a men’s style expert from the UK. He is the founder of Hawkins and Shepherd luxury shirt brand and has a famous blog. There is an interesting article on Lottoland filled with information provided by Thompson to help men dress well on a budget.  With Thompson’s tips and these new looks, you will blend right in with the superstars that will be partying in Mallorca this summer.


Before you begin shopping, take a look at the items you already own. Fit is essential this year. In 2022 men will be wearing things that show off their forms. Show it off if you have a long torso, broad shoulders, and a trim waist. Consider shirts that are tailored. A shirt with a “tall” cut may give you a leaner look. Wear a tighter shirt with some stretch to the fabric. 

Take time to try on various styles of pants. Do you look best in slim, straight, or relaxed pants? You are going to add brighter colors to your layers, and to your wardrobe. So, your basics need to fit well. If you have gained or lost a few pounds in the past year, spend a little and have your tailor take care of the problem. It is much cheaper than replacing your pants, and you will look super-chic.

Showing some skin

This will be the year for being bold. This includes showing some skin. Leave an extra button or two unfastened. Expect to see shirts with cut-off sleeves. Distressed jeans with holes will stay in style.


For the past few years, minimalism has been the key to men’s fashion. Basic and muted colors that are easy to mix like tan, navy, black, and camel have been the go-to hues. You do not have to eliminate these colors, but you will add some very bold colors and patterns to your wardrobe in 2022. Wear your muted pants with a maximal shirt. Pair your navy jacket with a bold pattern.

Here are some fashion pieces that made the runways for spring and summer 2022:

  • Bermuda shorts
  • Sleeveless sweaters
  • Cardigans
    • Extra-long
    • Vintage
    • Colorful
  • Shirtless
  • Men’s skirts
    • half-skirt/half-shorts
  • Sandals
    • Flip-flops
  • Glitter and shiny pants


  • Pink
  • Basic black
    • For business or formal-wear
  • Psychedelic
    • Electric blue
    • Neon green
    • Fluorescent pink


Well known because our football, rugby, and baseball players wear them, the varsity jacket is a favorite globally. It does not matter if it is new or worn out; it is a much-loved item. Men will be thrilled to know the varsity jacket is high-fashion for 2022.

You will also want to add a leather bomber jacket to your fall and winter wardrobe for the coming year. As for other jackets, look for bolder colors and unusual closures. You can save some money and have a great look by having new (and unique) buttons or zipper pulls on favorite jackets you already own.


As mentioned above, sandals and flip-flops will be big this year.

These are the only shoes you should wear without socks. You see a lot of men wearing sneakers and loafers without socks, and this is not a good idea. First, you should always buy leather shoes and high-quality sneakers. Putting your bare feet in these shoes creates friction which creates sweat. Nothing will ruin a good pair of shoes faster than odor. If you want the look of not wearing socks, wear no-show socks. Wear low socks with sneakers or ankle socks. Take advantage of the trends and wear brightly colored socks with bold prints.

Vintage – 1970s

Many of the colors and styles in style for 2022 look like the styles for the 1970s. Even Carl Thompson admits to buying pre-owned items. It is a great way to find unique items, and reusing them helps the environment. If buying vintage clothing is a turn-off for you because of the smells of old fabric, Thompson recommends the Bosch Fresh-up tool. This is something you may want to use on your seasonal clothing to refresh them without washing or dry cleaning.


We are getting in the sun and showing our form. We are celebrating with colour. We are buying and gifting in a more sustainable way. We want quality material next to our skin and we do not have to toss it out just when it starts getting comfortable. This is the year for today’s man. You know where to find him. Now see if you can blend in with him.