Once in a blue moon I get a PR invite that makes me drop everything.  When we were invited to check out the latest in vacuum technology by Dirt Devil and to see the scratch and sniff theatre production Mr Stink at The Lowry I literally hung off the side of a cliff in Cornwall to get signal to reply “YES, please!”


I’m not a natural when it comes to housework, I won’t lie I hate it and it was refeshing to hear that the Dirt Devil team got that, recognising it was a dull chore and producing tools to make it quicker and easier.  Whilst Lil H and his BFF Lady A headed off to the The Lowry workshops for an arts and crafts hour with their packed lunch the Brazen PR and Dirt Devil team kicked off their first Mummy Blogger event.

The key for me about all the Dirt Devil vacuums was they focused on high power, easy cleaning and all those the little things that get the job done in the quickest possible time so you can get on with your life.  A couple of extra bonuses I liked were the Microban 24 hour protection, that replacement bags have the web address and phone number printed on them for easy reordering and their affordability.  The Dirt Devil Reach cylinder vacuum costs just £69.99 and the Dirt Devil Pure upright vacuum just £79.99 and here is me (on the left) and Cara modelling the Dirt Devil Pure – I feel our future as catalogue models remains bright.

Cheshire_Claire_Vacuum_ModelCara_Freckles_Vacuum_ModelI’m between houses at the moment with the house move, my mind still thinks about what was practical at our old town house where we had lots of stairs and three floors and the Dirt Devil Reach and its 13m cleaning radius would have served me well at Lancaster Towers where my current cylinder cleaner has required plugging and unplugging throughout the house.

Having checked out the vacuums the children rejoined us and we all headed into the theatre for Mr Stink armed with our scratch and sniff books we were ready for some stinky good fun.

Mr_Stink_The_LowryLadyA_LilH_Lunatic-in-the-BackgroundThe show was fantastic, a great tale of doing the right thing, not judging a book by its cover and the scratch and sniff element was a lot of fun.  Lady A and Lil H loved their scratch and sniff books, can you spy the lunatic blogger in the background?  There’s always one isn’t there?  We all love Nickie!

I left armed with a Dirt Devil Handheld vacuum which Mr L has already declared “a nifty bit of kit” I will be tackling the inside of my car following an outbreak of Beach visits and Pom Bears and let you know how I get on.  I also have a note to get tickets for the Christmas shows at The Lowry as Wind in the Willows and Scrooge are headed there this Christmas.

Thanks so very much to Brazen, Dirt Devil and The Lowry – Lil H, Lady A and I had a great time.

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