That right there is all I am going to be eating from Monday 23rd January as I’m starting the New You Plan which is a total meal replacement diet. This is not something that is sponsored I have paid my money, bought my shakes, soups and bars and am giving it a go.

I’m fed up of the yo yo. My head is beyond full with family, work, life commitments. I need to not have to think about what I’m going to shop, cook, eat. I need to be slim, slimmer, less fat. So here I am. Embarking on what I expect to be a tough first seven days where I leave behind eating as I know it and replace all my meals with shakes, soups and bars.

Wish me luck! If you’ve done the plan, are doing the plan or are on your own weight loss journey I’d love to hear from you to share the roller coaster search for slim.