We haven’t been to Paris or Orlando but we have had a some Disney magic closer to home.  I blogged back in June about our excitement  in being invited to see Mickey’s Magic Show at The Lowry and last weekend we headed off to Salford for the show.  Mickey's Magic Show

Its started at 10:30 and finished about 12:15pm with a 15minute interval, my 2.5yo and 5yo loved it.  Mickey and Minnie, Donald Duck and Goofy are ably assisted by a magician his trainee bringing a “believe in yourself” message throughout the show.  The magic was impressive and had me and Mr L wondering “how on earth?”.  There were Princesses – Snow White, Belle and Cinderella, beautiful costumes and lots of classic Disney sing-a-long songs.  A few lucky children were picked out to help with the magic, that interaction and a smaller venue helped make this possibly one of the most intimate Disney shows we’ve seen.  Here are Lil H and Diva G ready for the show to start, you can sense the excitement.

Waiting for the show to start

Lil H’s favourite part was when the Magician appeared next to us in the audience and when the girls were cut in half and had their legs mixed up!  That’s boys for you!  Diva G loved the appearance of each and every Princess equally and Cinderella’s transformation still has me pondering “how did they do that?”  You can still catch Disney Magic at the venues below:

  • 17th – 19th of August 2012 Metro Radio Arena, Newcastle
  • 23rd – 26th of August 2012 Brighton Centre, Brighton
  • 29th Aug – 2nd Sept 2012 Echo Arena, Liverpool

Thank you very much to Disney Mums for inviting us to the show, we thoroughly enjoyed it.