Mr L and I shared a gift to ourselves for Christmas of an iPad. It is without doubt THE best most used piece of tech to arrive in this house since Sky+

Whilst it is a gift to ourselves, it was also meant to be, an addition for the whole family I didn’t realise how much Lil H would love it and Baby G has her own apps too.

We were gifted a Megabloks app to review and “Megabloks playground hd” has been available to play on our iPad for about a month now.

As with any new icon addition to the iPad it was explored with excitement by Lil H (aged 3.5yrs). It has been revisited since the initial new arrival but Angry Birds still holds the number one spot, actually that’s not strictly true, an age totally inappropriate adventure fighting game is his favourite – obviously! Loaded by Mr L & uninstalled by me, mean mummy!

The landscape of the game is a playground the size of the iPad screen, you can zoom in & out, check out the pond, say hi to the dog, cows, ride the hot air balloon and play on the swings, slide and seesaw. There is a little boy and a little girl in the playground, you move them by tracing your finger from them where you want them to walk, the path traced leaves a trail of foot prints for the characters to follow. Lead the children to all three piles of megabloks and you’ll be rewarded with a model made of megabloks and another three piles of megabloks to find.

Lil H says “it’s good, I like tapping the seesaw, the boat and the balloon to make them move”. He’s more into making the objects move than adventuring around the playground collecting Megabloks but I could see this changing as he gets slightly older. I like the fact it’s age appropriate, it’s a good mid ground between basic tapping games which Baby G likes and adult games like Angry Birds. I think new / additional areas to explore would help refresh the game and retain interest as once you’ve done everything once you’ve done it. I love the fact it isn’t noisy, it doesn’t require me to assist with play, it doesn’t frustrate him and doesn’t fire him off to the app store with any easily done mis-taps! However it doesn’t hold his attention as long as other apps though like all apps are great value for money.

Overall I’d give it 7/10.