We do enjoy movies at Villa Lancaster and the good get watched over and over and over again. Friday night is movie night, we pop the popcorn, turn the lights down, curl up on the sofa in pyjamas and pop on a DVD.

Most of our family viewing to date, certainly the favourites, have been animated features, Toy Story, Cars, Up, Tangled etc. Over Christmas ET was on TV and my children, Lil H (who will turn 5yo in April) and Diva G (who turned 2yo last October) loved it. ET is an amazing film of course but it is also a film with actors and dialogue, a new genre of movie to consider for movie night.

Last week when we snuggled down with our popcorn to watch Dolphin Tale I was interested to see how H and G would be with another non-animated story. 108 minutes later and everyone was still on the sofa, having thoroughly enjoyed the heart warming and inspirational true story of Winter the dolphin who got a second chance at life. It’s just my sort of movie, one me, Mr L and the smalls all enjoyed, it has Harry Connick Jnr in too which is always pleasant viewing! Β I’d recommend having some tissues at the ready there’s some tear jerking moments and I cried! Lil H has been checking on Winter the dolphin on her webcam which is a nice continuation of the story bringing how real and true the story is.Β  Dolphin Tale is available on all formats DVD, Blu-ray, 3D Blu-ray and digital download is out now.

We brought the movie on our weekend away and my 9yo twin god daughters are currently on their second viewing of Dolphin Tale. Dolphin Tale is our recommendation for Half Term movie watching. Thank you Warner Brothers for sending us a copy to review.