Although popular since the 1980’s Pee Wee was new to us, so when the exciting box below arrived we were more excited than usual to get to our regular Friday night movie night. This Friday movie night we would Pee Wee and Chill!

#2016-04-15 15.44.31

When we opened the box excitement doubled at the discovery of a roadmap to follow along and eight numbered boxes to open at specific points in the movie.

#Pee wees roadmap

#2016-04-15 15.45.40

As the oldest Mr H took charge of the first box which contained…

#2016-04-15 19.31.26

T-shirts! So these two became perfect mini Pee Wee’s for the night!

#2016-04-15 19.33.26

So looking the part we hit play and set off on Pee Wee’s Big Holiday. Watch and see what we discovered in the rest of the boxes below:

Pee-Wee’s Big Holiday was a great family choice. With a 9yo boy and 6yo girl in the house we often have to take it in turns to pick a movie and more often than not the one who didn’t get to choose isn’t entertained by their siblings choice. Pee-Wee’s Big Holiday is a wholesome watch nothing scary or suggestive, it’s silly and fun and we really enjoyed it.

Get some Ruffles, make some milkshake and go Pee Wee and Chill!