There are some Sunday’s when I enjoy cooking the whole big Sunday roast. There are other Sunday’s when I just can’t be bothered. Some weeks I enjoy choosing and deciding what we are going to have, shopping for it, including the regular trimmings and trying to introduce some new veggies or a new side dish.

What to do on those days when there are more important things to do than cooking?  Even if those things are lounging around in front of a movie with the kids, being together and chillaxing as a family from time to time is just as important as being busy.  But we’ve all got to eat and dining out as a family of four or more can end up being stressful and expensive.  It’s a bit “chicken and egg” dining out as a family.  Not what you’re eating but how do you get your children used to it if you don’t do it and how can you do it if your children aren’t used to menu, choices and what you expect of them?  We do eat out as a family, it is getting better as an experience as the children get older, I am mentally scarred some of the dining out experiences when they were younger and make no mistake there’s a reason pizza places are the most popular destination for family Lancaster!  Having been to some eateries where I’ve felt I may as well have just set fire to tenners given the amount my children have NOT eaten but I’ve paid for its pretty important they will eat what is on offer.

When it comes to dining out as a family, I have my stripes!  So when Sizzler Pubs invited us for a meal I planned a lazy, no cook Sunday.  Our local Sizzling Pub is The Vernon Arms in Poynton, we booked a table for 5pm, it was our weekend to host my parents and my brother so we were five adults and two children and I enjoyed not having to shop or host the get together.  We all met at The Vernon Arms enjoyed a drink, decided our order and caught up.  The Vernon Arms is a great family friendly space, its big, lots of space between tables making it family friendly, it was clean and bright and the staff friendly.  There were activity colouring sheets to do with a kids “pick & mix” menu.  Choose your drink, main, veggies, side and dessert.  Lil H has sausage, mash, corn on the cob, Diva G had fish & chips with beans and they both had ice cream for dessert.


The adults were spoilt for choice with a huge menu to choose from, for me, Mrs Indecisive, the menu was too extensive but I plumped for the Lamb Shank which came with mash and was delicious.  My Dad and Mr L bother enjoyed mixed grills, my brother had a huge burger and my enjoyed the cod in parsley sauce.  We all loved the value for money.  Five adults, two children all had two courses from an extensive menu, the boys had a beer each and the bill came to £72 so just over £10 a head, we have never eaten out as am extended family for less than £100 now we know we can we will.  Thank you Sizzling Pubs for asking us and making us think past the obvious high street family dining options.

Sizzling Pubs have 217 pubs nationwide and pride themselves on being family orientated and great value. Here is a link to find your local Sizzling Pub

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