Make an Elmer The Elephant

Start with a plastic milk bottle

My daughter made me this Elmer Elephant at pre-school for World Book Day.  I loved the idea so much I wanted to post it.  I don’t get to do the crafty making things at home thing as often as I’d like but I thought this was an inspired idea.

Take one plastic milk bottle, look at the top of the bottle … see it?  Yes indeed it is infact, very obviously an elephant.  Who knew?  Who ever saw this before in their fridge, ever?  Not me that’s for sure!

Take one empty milk bottle, draw a stright line at the bottom of the handle all the way around and then cut it.  I’m no crafter so I can’t advise on suitable implements but I’d imagine sharp scissors would do the job, feel free to leave a comment with any advice & I’ll happily update this post & credit wise words.

Remove the lid and cut off the neck of the bottle, sellotape over the entire hole.

Cut four arches from the bottom of each side to make the legs.  Decorate with brightly coloured squares of tissue paper, sticking with pva glue and add a couple of googly eyes.

Voila!  One Elmer Elephant!

Elmer the Elephant 1Elmer the Elephant 3Elmer the Elephant 2

So what do you think?  I now see elephants where I never did before every time I pour milk!  Do you?