Recommended Chick Flicks

I don’t get to watch movies anywhere near as often as I’d like. I’m always envious when people say they’ve been to see latest releases at the cinema. There is always things I’d like to see but a trip to the cinema with other mummy friends can get difficult to organise and Mr L and I often want to see different things. DVD’s at home is a more practical option also I can wear tracky bumbos or watch in bed and drink wine and not share maltesers, shh, don’t tell anyone!  Here’s some of my grown up movie night ideas for you:

  • Grab a dine in meal deal with your other half, eat well & then pop a movie in.
  • Have some Girlfriends over nibbles, wine, a movie & good times.
  • Get a mobile beauty therapist over & get beautiful whilst your watching.
  • Choose your pjs, choose your chocolate, choose your movie, all by yourself!

Not sure what to watch, here’s some great DVD’s I’ve recently watched you might like to try with your other half, friends or just in peace by yourself:

If you’ve seen any of these films or now go see and see them, leave me a comment and let me now what you think.

Thank you Warner Brothers for sending some great movies, old and new classics which I’ll watch again definitely.