So I am just back from a London weekend by train and I have a pile of things on my desk that I want to blog about so they are going in this post and my desk will be a whole lot clearer!

I have had the more lovely letter from Sam Pointon, Director of Fun at The National Railway Museum, which kind of inspired my decision to take the children to London by train rather than driving. H loved it, of course he did, kids love trains! I must mention that Sam (who in my opinion has the best job title going!) as Director of Fun is a mere 6 years old, bless him he sent me a stick of rock to enjoy while I had a browse through all the fantastic stuff going on at The National Railway Museum over Summer and beyond – I had no idea there was so much going on and most of it for free. This weekend is Wizard Weekend with the flying stars from the Harry Potter movie providing the entertainment – there is tonnes on right the way through to 5th September and beyond so head over to and I bet you will no longer be wondering what to do with the kids for the rest of the Summer holidays.

I went to The Baby Show ages ago and met up with loads of lovely bloggers and tweeters. I bought Lil H this fab icecream/icelolly holder and it rocks! I just wanted to share it my readers as people have stopped me in the park three times now and asked me where I got it and right now there is 30%off over at and I shall be ordering some more as presents.

Back in May I went on a First Aid course specifically for parents of babies and children, best £34 I have ever spent whilst I hope I never need to use any of what I learnt I now feel prepared rather than scared. The course I attended is run by

A new childrens play … I’m going to say environment rather than centre as I think its more appropriate. Glo Family has opened in Cheadle. I took my munchkins down there to check it out as they were putting the finishing touches to it. I am looking forward to popping by and seeing it fully up and running, it’s certainly worth a visit.

We continue with our Baby Led Weaning approach as inspired by Nick at My Daddy Cooks who’s support has been fantastic, and by the way he has a book coming out soon! Baby G is a great little eater, cups and drinking she’s less great at – although I know it just a case of perseverance, the Baby Born Free Training cups we have been sent are great because she can’t pour the contents all over the place as much as she does enjoy a good splash! I’m changing her highchair and will be reviewing the new Cosatto Yumi very soon – think Trip Trap but for more like £80 – if you’re after a wooden highchair I can’t think why you wouldn’t check it out. My Lil H has been as bad an eater as Baby G is a great eater but so much better for being involved in shopping and cooking the food, the guys at Little Peoples Plate wrote to me about their new site it’s all about helping parents feed their toddlers a healthy diet, it had some useful reminders on there and they have just launched a new resource called ‘Ten Steps for healthy Toddlers’.

Baby G now has teeth! Two bottom and four top teeth to be precise and the rest of them seem to be “in progress” we are testing a number of different teething and feeding products that Nuby have sent her, the Bug A Loop and IcyBite Keys are particularly popular!

Baby is G is working her way through teethers and Lil H is working his way through shoes, we are due a re-measure and new shoes for school and Baby G won’t be far behind with her first pair I expect as H was up on his feet by one year old. The lovely people at Clarks have sent me a voucher towards some shoes so I am going to be off to get H measured before holidays, then order the styles I want online, have them delivered and fitted in store – its great service. They have some great boys and girls styles and a big aw to the first shoes.

In other news locally there is a new womens clothes store opening, BlackWhiteDenim, given that is pretty much my wardrobe I am intrigued to see what’s going to be on offer and working hard to lose the baby weight to fit in it!

This week I am hoping to go for my second viewing of Toy Story 3. I was given tickets to one of the regional previews just before its release and it was nothing short of brilliant in my opinion and I am not surprised to see that it has rocketed into the history books to become the UK’s highest grossing animated movie of all time in just three weeks since its release, the movie has passed the previous record holder, ‘Shrek 2’, with four weeks of summer holidays still to go! If you haven’t been yet I’d totally recommend it.

So three weeks down and at least two more solo weeks to go – I love a clicky post – leave me a comment and let me know if if you liked this one or leave a link if you have posts with stuff you recommend too.

Claire x

P.s. This next link is one that of you are only going to click one, click this one – its the link to sign a petition for The Body Shop’s “Stop Sex Trafficking of Children and Young People” campaign. The petition calls for the UK Government to offer safety and wellbeing to young victims of trafficking launches specifically calling for greater care and protection to child victims of trafficking by ensuring every child is provided with a guardian to look after them. One last time Here is the link to sign up to the petition