EHIC?  What?  Yeah I’d never heard of it either!  It’s the artist formally known as the E111. 

EHIC is the European Health Insurance Card and if you are travelling inside the European Economic Area (EEA) you need it to access free or reduced-cost emergency treatment. 

We’re off to Majorca in September and having just read about holiday makers travel insurance not covering them in the absence of having a valid EHIC I have just applied for ours.  Its free and should arrive in seven days so I thought I’d post this reminder and the link all you need are the names, date of births and National Insurance No’s or NHS numbers of all family members.  Children and Babies NHS numbers are in the front of their “Red Books” but if you can’t find the kids don’t worry they can travel under the main applicants number. 

Don’t not do it people!  Hopefully no one has any experience and someone will find this useful?  Anything to add – do leave a comment I love to hear from people passing by my blog.

Claire x