Rather than resolutions last year I set a Themeword for the year which was ENJOYMENT.  We were getting ready to go or on holiday or just back from holiday for most of the year so I’m declaring this Themeword achieved!  Sure life inevitably threw challenges at me but my Themeword helped me through the year – “does this fit in with my plan for Enjoyment this year?” I asked myself frequently, it helped me not do many things I probably would have done and my life is better off for that. 

I’ve said No more, but for all the right reasons.  I’ve not done or organised certain things I always do.  As a result we’ve not seen some friends as often as we have before but the truth is if we only get together because I make it happen then, well, that’s just good to know.  “We’ve not seen you for ages” … “Of course it would be great to see you, what do you suggest?!”  I only have 24 hours in my day, just like anyone else, so things that are always land on my doorstep to organise, coordinate, drive and make happen someone else can pick up for once because you know what our family is very young, we have a gorgeous baby and a fab little boy, I juggle work, family, life, and I always do more, I always do over and above and right now my hands are overflowing and I don’t have to.  A real friend will know this is the space I am in, understand and be there.  I have many friends, some friends are are greater than I thought and others not.  Having my Themeword as Enjoyment has given me great clarity and a great year.

So where to now and 2011?  I am following Bec’s lead over at Beetroot & Gherkins, I’m not getting rid of this one, ENJOYMENT is still hugely important, however a priority of 2011 is CHANGE. I need CHANGE, I thrive on CHANGE and becoming mother and then a family of four has been massive CHANGE.  Now we are moving away from babydom towards toddler days, Lil H starts in reception at proper school in September *gulp* *bites back tears*  We are ready to CHANGE where & how we live.  I’m craving more challenge other than the never ceasing challenge of parenting.  I suppose I mean challenging the pre-mummy person, she’s still in there, a professional and an individual – I’m not sure that makes total sense to me let alone anyone else. 

Some stuff I want to do this year is:

  1. Sell our house
  2. Find our next home
  3. Get back to pre-pregnancy weight
  4. Host a naming ceremony / family celebration for H & G
  5. Continue working and building my business

I’m planning to carry on blogging if you’re still interested?  Still reading still subscribed?  What are you thinking?  Got a Themeword?  Leave me a link to your Themeword and plans for 2011!

Claire x