A new relationship brings a range of emotions with it, from tentative nerves to overwhelming happiness. It’s so exciting when you meet someone who makes your heart sing, but what if that happens just before Christmas?

Buying a gift for a new partner can be tricky, as there’s still a lot you don’t know about each other. Sure, you know their go-to snack and which football team they support, but a tub of Pringles isn’t really going to cut it. You want your gift to say, “I care about you” while avoiding “I’m already planning our wedding” vibes. Read on to find out how to choose meaningful gifts for your new partner.

Inside jokes and references

A great gift for a new partner is something which connects the two of you. If you have an inside joke or a funny anecdote from when you first met, a gift which references that would be ideal. For example, if you met at a tribute gig to Queen, you could get them a vinyl.

If you have a special memory of the pair of you together, a gift which reminds them of that will make them smile. For example, if you ate a fancy hotel breakfast after your first weekend away together, a selection of croissants and pastries from a fancy bakery would evoke that memory.

Food and drink

Is there a spirit or wine you and your partner like to drink together? A bottle of something is a classic gift and it’s hard to wrong with alcohol, especially if you already know their favourite. If they’re more of a foodie, find something edible which you’ve enjoyed together. Perhaps a box of their favourite chocolate truffles or if they’re a cheese fan, a selection of fancy crackers to serve with it.  

Consider cooking for them, rather than buying a gift. For example, if you had your first date at a Greek restaurant, you could learn to cook some traditional Greek dishes and serve them, fine-dining style. This would also be a lovely way to remind yourselves of the first days of your romance.

A personalised gift

People appreciate practical gifts, so if you want to get them something useful, it’s likely to go down well. However, a new wallet or a pint glass isn’t a very exciting present, so consider getting it personalised to add a special touch. Not only will it appear more thoughtful, but they’ll think of you every time they uses it.

An activity to do together

A great gift for your new beau is a fun day out you can enjoy together. This is ideal if you have a shared interest, although be aware you may need to cough up a little more money with this option. If you both like the same band, get them tickets to a concert or if you share a love of hiking, a weekend away in the Peak District could be a good shout.

If you’re sold on the idea of an activity but need to stick to a tight budget, a boardgame or deck of cards could be an alternative solution. Many couples enjoy playing games together and it’s a great way to switch off from technology and enjoy some quality time. Just don’t get too competitive over the Monopoly board!