Autumn is finally here, and we have already seen changes in our weather. As the temperature drops and the nights draw in, you might have a list of jobs to complete before winter begins. The autumn and winter months prove difficult when completing home tasks, mainly due to the unpredictable British weather. However, if you get started now, you can enjoy the winter months with peace of mind. So, how can you prepare your house for the upcoming months? 

Stop the draughts 

With older houses, you often find gaps and cracks around the house causing a draught. These areas might appear small but they will be making a significant difference to the temperature of your house, particularly in the winter. So, make sure you fill the cracks and fix any broken seals around your door frames. Doing this will help to keep your property warm and, in turn, keep heating costs down. 

Boiler Repair

When autumn rolls around, you know it’s nearly time to put the heating on. If your boiler needs some essential maintenance before winter hits and you don’t have spare cash, a bad credit loan could help you fund this necessary work if you are worried about your credit score. You should always check you can afford the repayments if you do decide to apply for a loan.


Doing work to your house doesn’t have to be cosmetic. Sometimes a simple declutter is enough to rejuvenate a room. As the autumn and winter months set in, you will be spending more time indoors – the last thing you want is to be staring at cluttered spaces. So, bite the bullet and get tidying up! As well as being visually satisfying, decluttering is a great activity for the mind. Tidy house, tidy mind. 

Get winter-ready 

As the temperature drops, your winter coats will be dragged from the back of the wardrobe and put to good use. After braving the adverse weather, you need somewhere to hang up your wet coats – time to bring out the coat rack. Doing this stops your family from bringing in their damp clothing and making the house smell.

Another way you can get winter-ready is to change up your bedding. Remove your lighter summer duvet and replace it with a thicker, warmer winter one. Give your bed an extra cosy feel by adding blankets and cushions on top. These additions will not only look lovely but will also give your bedroom a fresh new look.