From diverse business opportunities to excellent education and healthcare, there are many reasons to live in Singapore. However, space is limited on the sovereign island and real estate is priced accordingly. This can make it difficult to find an apartment or condo within your budget that offers ample room. 

As just about any Singaporean will tell you, every square foot counts, and making a functional living space often requires some creativity. The good news is that these days, there are countless space-saving tricks and products for every room. Whether you’re cutting down on clutter or seeking more storage space, worry not as solutions abound.

Here are 5 design ideas that will help you get the most out of your Singapore condo.

Avoid Common Mistakes

The rules for decorating and furnishing conventional rooms don’t always apply to smaller spaces. A different approach is required if you want to fit everything in. To ensure that your condo is both cozy and functional, start by staying clear of the following mistakes:

  • Choosing horizontal cabinets and storage units instead of vertical pieces
  • Folding clothes in cupboards instead of hanging them
  • Not buying convertible and multi-functional furniture
  • Wasting floor space by having your bed on the floor
  • Using dark paint colors and decorations

Another common mistake is to stuff drawers with as much as possible, especially when it comes to bedroom items such as clothing and sheets. Instead, use dividers or similar organizing tools and watch your available space grow. Finally, it should go without saying that keeping clutter to a minimum makes a world of a difference.

Cover the Basics

Just as there are mistakes you ought to avoid, there are also some essential guidelines for dealing with small spaces and keeping them organized. Be sure to consider the below-listed rules as you move through each room in your condo:

  • Focus on utilizing wall space with shelving and tall cabinets
  • Invest in multipurpose furniture and integrated storage
  • Replace outdated technologies like alarm clocks and radios with modern solutions
  • Stick to monochromatic color schemes that comprise lighter tones

Also, take a look around for “dead space” that can be put to use as a means of saving more crucial space elsewhere. If a suitcase can fit under your bed, for example, then you can use it to store seasonal clothing. Your oven can double as storage for pots and pans, while a gap above your fridge is suitable for lesser-used kitchen gadgets.

Keep it Clean

Of course, there is no room for clutter in a Singapore condo. It’s worth examining your possessions every now and then to determine what you still truly need. Ask yourself whether an item really provides value or just stays in your home because it always has. You can also dedicate a specific drawer for things that you might need in the future.

It’s wise to establish a general cleaning routine to stay ahead of the mess. If you tend to struggle in this regard, you can build habits such as thinking whether anything needs to be put back or returned after leaving a room.

Move Up

At the end of the day, there is only so much you can do to make a tiny space work for you. Plus, life can bring certain changes and challenges that warrant looking beyond your current home, such as accommodating a growing family. You may ultimately find that the best solution is to invest in something more spacious.

Fortunately, websites like PropertyGuru have made it easy to search for condos to buy or rent in Singapore. In addition to an expansive list of properties, the site offers a wealth of guides, resources, and expert information to help you make the right decision. You can view their listing for Affinity at Serangoon to get an idea of the types of accommodation available.

Use Smart Storage

If you’re set on staying in your existing home, there are a few more space-saving strategies to discuss. This namely includes the following smart and simple storage hacks – all of which cost little to nothing to implement:

  • Attach a binder clip to the wire shelf in your fridge to neatly stack beverages
  • Hang a shoe organizer on your bathroom door
  • Place knobs or handles on the wall for hats and jackets
  • Make hexagonal planter shelves from gift boxes or wood
  • Use empty bottles to hold bangles and bracelets

For bicycle owners, you might be able to save a great deal of space by hanging your ride on the wall. You can do this on a budget by nailing two hooks onto a wood pallet.


While the afore-mentioned ideas are sure to leave you with much more spare room, they’re by no means the only ways to save space in your condo. So, don’t hesitate to think outside of the box and come up with a few ideas of your own.