Your winter wardrobe can be stylish and practical, no matter the weather. You need to invest in high-quality winter pieces that will withstand the test of time and cold conditions. It might cost you a little more time and money to find the best winter clothing. Aim to find classic pieces instead of following the latest fast fashion trend.

When you have too many clothes in your wardrobe, it becomes impossible to find an outfit every day. Scale your collection back and only keep clothing that fits perfectly and suits your style.

Here are a few essentials you need in your winter wardrobe this year.

Wool coat

A wool coat keeps you toasty warm and looks ultra-chic. Wool coats are wrinkle-resistant, durable, and comfortable throughout the colder seasons. You just need to find a colour palette and fit that works for you. Try going for a neutral tone that will remain in fashion for years to come and blends well with the rest of your wardrobe.

Puffer jacket

A puffer jacket is a staple for those living in colder climates. You can get cropped, full-length, or neon puffer jackets to align with your style. Find a puffer jacket that is both comfortable and flattering. Puffer jackets are lightweight, water-resistant and well-insulated to carry you through the winter months. You throw it on over your outfit – whether you’re heading to the gym or a business meeting.

Knitted jumpers

Knitwear is a winter essential. Find a few jumpers that make you feel amazing and wash well. Knitwear tends to shrink or lose its fluffiness in the washing machine. You need high-quality jumpers that will withstand the test of time and withhold their shape. Remember to fold your jumpers instead of hanging them up in your wardrobe. The hangers can distort the shape of the shoulders.

Long sleeve tops

Put a long-sleeved women’s top under your jumper or puffer jacket on those icy winter days. Find a thermal long-sleeved top for snow days and a basic cotton version for milder conditions. A black long-sleeved top, jeans and wool coat is a classic combination that will look good for years to come.

Winter boots

Winter is all about boots and coats. You need to keep your feet dry and warm throughout snowstorms and torrential rain. Biker boots are a fantastic option that looks great with skirts, dresses and trousers. Or, a heeled Chelsea boot is perfect for the office and date nights. Put your heeled sandals away and find a sturdy pair of heeled boots for winter.

Wide leg trousers

Find your dream pair of wide-leg trousers and ask your tailor to make a few alterations. Your trousers will look infinitely more luxurious when they fit like a glove.

Winter is the perfect time to stick to the basics and find your ultimate cosy outfit.