So first I have to tell you that I am very excited to be one of Center Parcs Family Bloggers.  I entered the Tots 100 competition by creating a Pinterest board of my ideal Center Parcs break, here’s My Dream Break at Center Parcs entry, we’re off to make that board a reality next year – woo hoo!  The great news is there are still chances to become a Center Parcs Family Blogger AND win a family break to the Center Parcs village of your choice.  Terms and conditions apply.

The first challenge is on the theme ‘Splash’ because they are launching their world first water ride later this month – make sure you check out the Tropical Cyclone.  Center Parcs wants to bring the element of ‘splash’ into your home, without too much mess!  Full details on this challenge are here, you have a few weeks as this challenge closes at 4pm on 30th November 2012.

We’ve taken a lateral interpretation on the ‘Splash’ challenge.

A Splash of colour
Take one bag of coloured feathers, a hair dryer, a landing and add a child.  (Maybe a vacuum for later!)  Let the science lesson begin! coloured-feathers

The Stairway Tube
Take used gift wrap tubes, tape, marbles, cars and add a child.  We found smurfs and skittles great targets too.  Particularly good in the January post christmas slump so remember to save the gift wrap tubes!


Center Parcs are great places to Splash about with water, all day, day after day.  But my house, my house is a great place to Splash about with colour and feathers, to float down the stairs or to tube down them with marbles or cars.

So let your family’s imagination run wild, join in the challenge and you too will be in with the chance of becoming one of Center Parcs Family Bloggers.