Dear Baby G,

You are 42 weeks old (10 months in “old money”) its a big milestone for me as you have now been out in the big wide world as long as you were on the inside when it was just you and me. 

Your hair is blonde and showing signs of curls coming through, you have the most beautiful sparkly brown eyes and the best smile which now contains two bottom teeth and four top teeth.  You are such a happy, contented little soul, a very smiley and sometimes a bit of a giggly girl.  Your giggles are infectious and sets everyone off.  Everyone comments on your beautiful smile, my favourite is the first smile of the day in the morning when you are lying in your cot, its usual behind your thumb but I know its meant just for me and you hug me so tight and then get all giddy when I pick you up.

You are a tough and determined lady and know what you want but are very easy going with it.  You very rarely cry, people comment “I don’t think I’ve ever heard her cry”.  Of course you do cry but rarely without reason – the most common of which being your brother & his exuberant affections and teething. 

You are a very tactile girlie and have a true boxers reach, totally disproportional to your size at the end of which is what I can only describe as the ultimate grip – many underestimate how far you can reach and once you have whatever it is you are after then there will be absolutely no letting go!  You like holding my face, patting and stroking me when I am carrying you. 

Baby G you are a thumb sucker – you love and I mean truly, madly, deeply love, sucking your thumb (I am not keen on this at all but somehow you pull off cute doing it!), you love adventures in food and I love that you love this.  You are moving by bum shuffling but with small print, the small print being you must not bein wearing a dress, leggings only, must have no socks or shoes on and must be on a wooden floor or other slippy surface!  Crawling, standing and cruising are on the horizon and you are practising all the moves then that brother of yours had really better watch out!

Very soon it will be your first birthday which I really can’t fathom how time went that quickly so I shall take extra care to make sure I enjoy every single moment of every day with you as they are happening so fast.

You have made our family complete Baby G, in my world there is no better daughter, sister, grand-daughter, guide-daughter or neice.

I love you always,
Mummy x

Photo bottom left taken by at the Face of SnugBaby competition shoot