A newie but an oldie!  Ring-ring!  It’s the classic pull toy by Fisher-Price the Chatter Telephone!  Inspiring giggles for many generations its big screen debut is this Summer in Toy Story 3.


From a friendly familiar face to a WTF face?!  This is Chunk and I am him adding to the same pot as Twitch as my jury is out on this guy!  Although in fairness he is at least smiling!  Apparently he will rock my world with gargantuan fists ready to smash whatever enemy gets in his way with the added bonus (er hello is this a good thing?!) the press of a hidden head spike Chunk’s facial expression will spin from from friendly to fierce!   And back to cuter faces here’s the bonny cast of Toy Story 3 so far, I think there are two left to go one to the right of Dolly and a big dude behind Twitch!

Toy Story 3:  The Cast so Far

UK release date is 23rd July 2010.