I attended NCT classes during my pregnancy with Lil’ H and learnt all the technical and medical facts about having a baby and made some life long friends along the way.  Sods law dictates that the one and only class I missed would be the one covering Cesarean Birth (C-section) Delivery & Birth and everything  I needed to know when it came to my second delivery with Baby G.  G was delivered by a emergency c-section, it was a category one crash section by general anaesthetic our birth story is here whilst dramatic it has a happy ending 🙂

So as the new baby in the house choas subsided to be replaced by a new family of four chaos I have found my thoughts increasingly flicking back to what happened.  I realised I have a really big gap and I don’t mean the time it took for me to properly come around from the anaesthetic I mean I have absolutely no idea what physically happened!  I have a scar so I know the site of exit but I missed the class so I have no idea what actually took place and how Baby G and I parted company if you like, in the nicest possible way.  Next stop google and I found the answers I needed.  I also got to watch, courtesy of You Tube, a number of c-sections.  I don’t mind a bit of blood and gore but if you do I would be cautious of viewing however this video below is gore free and a great explanation, animated demonstration that explained a lot to me.

It was about 8-12 weeks since my section my ponderings started and around this time there was a “anyone had a c-section?” request on Twitter from Mum Versus Kids to trial some massage oil which whilst originaly being marked for ante-natal perineum massage was also good for healing and improving c-section scars, I raised my hand and have been using this massage oil by Boo Boo for the last three months.  I now know my scar:

  • My scar was stitched with one single running stitch held with a bead on either end.
  • My scar is on/in the crease where my recently vacated bump overhangs (its a six pack in progress!)
  • My scar is long:  approx 9 inches, 24cm.
  • It is one single as near as damn it straight cut
  • It is quite thin/fine in thickness.
  • It was red and raised three months ago.
  • Today it is pretty flat and pinkish going clear in places.
  • Truth is I have underwear of the “too-small-now-but-too-expensive-not-to-wear” variety which leave more marks by the end of the day! 

I will never know whether my scar would have faded and become flatter without either the oil, the massage or both, however I do know I would never have bothered to rub and massage the scar area without the oil.  I never expected to have a c-section and I needed time and giving it a two minute focus a day to massage the area to come to terms with what happened and truly accept my new addition. 

The Massage oil is available to buy from Boo Boo here for £10.99 for 100ml/3.40fl oz