A Hawaiian Woody and Jessie doll set that’s what!  And / or a Hawaiian Buzz of course!  These are some of Disney’s Top 10 Christmas gifts for 2011, amazing value at just £25 and are fab in lots of ways, let me tell you how much Woody, Jessie and Buzz are loved at our house.

Toy Story has been big news in this house since, well forever, just look how tiny my Lil H is here in my post “Just call me Woody“.  In 2009  Lil H requested from Father Christmas a Woody doll and a Buzz Lightyear, that wish was fulfilled and they were joined by Jessie for Lil H’s 3rd birthday and now aged 4.5 years these guys are still firm favourites.  Of course Woody, Buzz and Jessie have new playmates but they remain faithfully involved in all superhero rescue missions and the movies Toy Story, Toy Story 2 and Toy Story 3 are still popular requests.

The dedication, loyalty and love shown to Woody, Buzz and Jessie over the last two years makes them possibly the best value for money toys we own, they have been played more times than there were pennies in their price tags which makes them highly recommended from the Lancaster house of play!  If you don’t have a Woody, Buzz or Jessie in your Toy Box perhaps its time to add one to the letter to Santa.  These dolls also remain in good condition, especially given what they have been through, For example, despite not being a flying toy, Buzz has been flown to infinity and beyond down our stairs more times than I care to remember.  Woody is really the favourite *shh!* his hair is showing a little bald spot where he has been squeezing through small gaps under sofas, beds etc. on rescue missions and he lost his voice following an momentary lapse of parental supervision at bath time.  Jessie remains beautiful but has had a small admirer in Diva G who has drooled and sucked her hair as a baby of inappropriate age will do with her big brothers favourite toys.  The joy of having a new Woody, back from hols with a new singing voice and a Jessie all of her own for Diva G will make our Christmas very special this year.

Toy Story reappeared on the big screen with an animated short “Toy Story Hawaiian Vacation” with the Cars 2 and now the new range of Toy Story Dolls are available with the Hawaiian Woody and Jessie doll set and Hawaiian Buzz making the Disney Top 10 Christmas gifts.  They are the same dolls underneath their Hawaiian outfits which given them an extra outfit and “dress up” element for imaginative play.  We were sent the double pack with a talking Woody & Jessie dolls sporting fun and colourful Hawaiian attire.  Wearing their hula outfits they say over 20 songs and sentences, new and related to the Hawaiian movie and I have to say they amazing value now online at the Disney store where the Woody & Jessie Talking Hawaiian Vacation Double Doll Set is available for just £25! 

Thank you Disney for remembering that Lil H was a massive Toy Story fan and sending us these brilliant toys dolls.  If you haven’t seen Toy Story Hawaiian Vacation which screened with Cars 2,  here’s the official trailer for you – you can find more links to fan pages at the bottom of the post too.

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