Taking pictures of memorable moments is a common practice; however, an increasing number of those photos end up online on social media versus in your home in a frame. As a result, the art of framing a photo is becoming lost in the digital age. However, having your favourite memories around you at home can transform your mood as well as form the base of your design aesthetic. The question is, how do you choose the right frame? Read on to find out.

Home Dรฉcor

The first thing you need to think about is what type of frame will best suit your home dรฉcor style. Think about what your style is. Do you prefer neutrals or bolder colours? Are you more into minimalism, or is your style more eclectic? Take stock of the room in which the framed photo is going to go and try to match it with the accents of the room. 


Where is your framed photo going to go? Is it going to be placed on an end table or shelf, or is it going to be hung on the wall? This matters because you need to think about whether you need your frame to be easily mountable or capable of standing up by itself.


What material do you want your frame to be? There are two main options: wood or metal. Now, there are several different versions of the frames that vary in colour and finish. So again, take into account what else you have in the room. Some people prefer to have all of their frames be consistent, whereas other people like them to be mismatched, so take that into account.

The Photo

You should also think about the photo that you want to be framed. If the photo is of special significance to you, then you might want the frame to be slightly more special than your other framed photos. Some photos, like wedding photos or graduation pictures, might warrant a slightly more decorative or ornate frame than other photos in your home.

The size of the photo also matters. Most of the time, photos do come in standard sizes but not always. Some photos are far more difficult to frame; for example, polaroid sized pictures or photo booth pictures are harder to find frames for. This is why finding customisable picture frames online can be incredibly helpful. Picture Frames Direct allows you to input the dimensions of the photo that you want to frame to ensure that it will fit perfectly.


It also makes sense to think about the environment within which the frame is going to live. For example, if you have children or pets and the frame is within their reach, it might get knocked off, in which case you need a frame that can withstand the occasional bump or knock. You donโ€™t want to waste money on a frame that is going to break at the slightest knock.

The Takeaway

There are several things that you should keep in mind when framing your photos. Firstly, think about your decorating style, the content of the photograph, its size, the material of the frame and how sturdy the frame is. Of course, not all of your photo frames have to match either; keep that in mind too.