The reality is that your garden may not be as large as you want it to be. However, the upside is that you do have a lot of options for maximising your garden space.

Take time to review the top four tips you should know about and then be willing to make changes based on this information. You’ll soon find that you’re able to have a lot more plants and garden features in and around your home than what you initially assumed. Keep in mind that the more you have planted and installed the more upkeep that will be necessary for you to do.

1.   Install A Pond

One idea for maximising your garden space is to install a pond in a shady area in between your plants or within your garden space. If you choose to do so, then you’ll want to look into buying OASE Pond Filters so you can maintain it. Your garden doesn’t need to be all plants and food, and this feature will be the perfect finishing touch to your garden area. Place some furniture around your garden pond, and you can use it as a spot to relax in or as an additional space to entertain guests.

2.   Plant Garden Beds Versus Rows

If you plant garden beds versus rows, then you won’t need to waste space for walking. You can think about adding a few stepping stones in between if you truly feel you need to be able to get around between your plants. Beds will be the perfect option for when you want to use up all your available space but not so much that you’re wasting it. Be sure you maintain and regularly trim as well so that your crops and plants aren’t ever overgrown and taking up additional room. There are also certain plants that do well in the shade so you can use up all the space possible in your garden.

3.   Consider A Vertical Garden

Another great idea to help you maximise your garden space is to consider planting a vertical garden. This is a wonderful solution if you’re tight on square footage and would like to have a few plants to enjoy in a small area. All you have to do is plant vertically up a wall and opt to hang your flowers, plants, and food instead of planting them outward on the ground. These walls are beautiful to look at and unique, so you can’t go wrong with this solution.

4.   Use Pots & Containers

You may look around and realise you don’t have a lot of room to work with in your garden. Instead of panicking, one thought is to use more pots and containers around your house. Therefore you can maintain plants and have beautiful pops of colour in areas such as your front porch and deck or patio. You can also add pots and containers to the surrounding areas of your garden if you don’t want to dig up more ground in your lawn.