Let’s call this Plan A as this is the developed scheme from the original outline plans shared back in May.  The alternative to this is the Wildcard Property Scheme I posted a couple of weeks ago.  I am keeping my thoughts in a jar to myself just for the purposes of being inpartial in sharing these plans without influencing your feedback.  So let’s have a look at Plan A and start with the ground floor shall we?

So the outline footprint remains the same, extending to the left of the property to build an integral garage and create an open kitchen, dining, living space and also extending the current living room.  In the very first “starter for ten” idea, there was an office at the rear of the property.

Plan A Ground Floor

Our feedback to Innex Designs was that we wanted to have a dining space that was more than a breakfast bar.  The family room is now at the center of the house creating a dining space.  Also that we felt that the having an office overlooking the garden could be distracting and given Mr L sometimes has suppliers visit it would be good for them to not have to subjected to full on family life!  You’ll see we have pinched some of the current living room to create an office to the right of the front door.

Before we talk about upstairs, have a look at the first floor plans and look at the glass roofs in the newly extended part of the lounge and also the kitchen allowing full height wall cupboard space in the kitchen without compromising on natural light.

Plan A First Floor

So upstairs we go … four bedrooms is the requirement and our feedback was about seeing if we could get more bathrooms, having a son and daughter two years apart I predict bathrooms being important!  What is our current bedroom remains unchanged but becomes Diva G’s bedroom, this potentially could be an isolated project that we could do prior to starting the hardcore part of the redesign.  The roof to the current toilet is lifted to incorporated the limited height space which is currently Lil H’s wardrobe  to create an en suite.  The current bathroom and Diva G’s bedroom come together to create a fourth bedroom and a hallway to a master bedroom suite.

So that’s Plan A, the alternative to the Wildcard scheme.  They are two very different plans I think, credit to Chris and the team at Innex Design for having the vision to see two very different and both great homes from the 1960’s property we live in today.  Absolute proof of the value a great architect can add to a project.  We’d be no where near this vision without them so a round of applause for Innex Design please.  Then your feedback please and it is the big one  – which plan would you choose, plan A or the Wildcard and why?  If you were looking to buy a house and saw these two properties as estate agent details which would appeal to you and your family more?  I genuinely cannot wait to hear your thoughts!