Hallways are one of the most underrated areas in our homes. We pass through them every time we enter or leave the house. They welcome guests and are our home’s chance to make a first impression. They are where we keep important things like keys, coats, shoes and bags and yet we completely neglect them. When it comes to the hall, if we give décor any consideration at all, it’s to make them functional and easy to keep clean. We add coat hooks and a mat for shoes, and then we keep things like walls and flooring plain and bright.

This is a mistake. Your hallway receives you home and welcomes other people into your house. It can affect your mood and set the tone for any event you host. Adding more personality to your hall can make your whole house feel more welcoming. Here are seven tips to help you do it.

Start By Decluttering

The hallway in a family home is often cluttered, untidy and a bit chaotic. There might be coats, shoes, and bags everywhere, where the members of your household have just dumped them when they’ve come in from school or work. This isn’t welcoming, and it can make leaving the house in the morning hectic and stressful. Decluttering your hall by moving out of season coats and shoes into storage and removing anything that you don’t need daily is the first step to creating a more welcoming area.

Get Organised

Once you’ve decluttered, you must find ways to keep things tidy. Add clever storage, tidy shoe racks, a table for keys, and storage hooks that your children can reach to make keeping your hall tidy easy.

Add Some Colour

Colour is one of the best ways to make any area more welcoming. If you have a large hallway, painting a feature wall in bold colours, or adding a border can be effective. In smaller spaces, add artwork and mirrors to break things up and add accessories for pops of colour.

Include Large Houseplants

Houseplants are incredibly welcoming. They can be good for your mood, and even improve the air quality in your home. Adding large potted plants, or smaller plants to shelves can be a great way to make your hallway more inviting.

Consider Flooring Carefully

The floor in your hall is a large part of the available space, so it certainly shouldn’t be dull. But it also gets a lot of footfall and can be hard to keep clean in the winter. Tiles from originalfeatures.co.uk are a great way to add colour, create a unique space, and make your hall easier to clean.

Adding Seating if There’s Space

If you have space, adding a seat where people can sit to remove shoes or wait for people to get ready to leave is probably the most effective way to make your hall more welcoming. If you are short on space, consider shoe storage that doubles up as a bench.

Add Personal Touches

Personal touches like photos, vases of flowers, treasured art and other accessories can cheer up any room or space and help to make your home more inviting.

Your hall is your home’s first impression, so make sure it reflects the tone of the rest of your house, as well as the people that live in it.