In many households in the UK, the kitchen has risen in importance over the last few decades. Now, it’s not just a place to prepare food and do the washing-up; it’s a social hub, and a place where we enjoy entertainment, too.

Given the newfound significance of this part of the house, it’s worth spending a little extra attention on it, to ensure that it’s as fantastic a place to live as possible. Fortunately, it’s possible to revitalise a kitchen without spending a fortune on an entirely new one. Let’s look at a few strategies.

Update your Equipment

Your kitchen is only as useful as the equipment that you’re stocking it with. A little bit of investment can make a significant practical difference in the long-term. Make sure that you’re buying cookware that’s compatible with the stuff you already have. If you’ve got an induction hob, for example, then you need an induction pan set.

Add some artwork

If you’ve got a free piece of blank wall to use, then you might as well fill it with an artwork you find inspiring. It doesn’t have to be culinary in theme – it just must complement your mood when you’re spending time in this space. If you’re stuck for inspiration, then you might use the wall in question to showcase artworks by the young people in your family.


On the other hand, one thing that’s sure to make your kitchen look better is to remove any loose items and get the countertops clear. If you can move items like fruit bowls, toasters and microwaves to somewhere else, then you might find that your experience in the kitchen improves. In many cases, this means making storage improvements elsewhere in your home, rather than in the kitchen itself.

Cream colours

While pure white is likely to appear a little bit sterile, and show up dirt and grime, cream colours are a great deal more forgiving. Repainting your cabinets is a good way to revitalise the space. Just make sure that your cabinets are suitable for repainting before you get started. It’s not a small job – but it is one that you can do yourself.

Add some houseplants

Bringing in some plants will almost always make the space more pleasant to work and live in. Plants have proven benefits to your mood and mental health. What’s more, in the kitchen, they’re able to confer practical benefits. A miniature herb garden on your windowsill can provide your culinary output with a lift. There’s no substitute for fresh ingredients. Coriander, mint and rosemary are all fairly easy to care for.

Update the lighting

The right lighting in your kitchen can radically alter the look. Look for lights of various temperatures – warmer shades will help your kitchen to look more inviting; colder ones will help it to look cleaner. If you want total flexibility, then you might look for smart bulbs. Connect them to your smart speaker and you can tweak the lighting until you’re satisfied.