The winter weather has been pretty kind to us so far this year…however within the last few days the great British weather seems to be making up for it! Gale force winds, heavy rain and even a deluge or two of hailstones! When the weather outside is frightful, there’s nothing better than snuggling up at home and enjoying the warmth and comfort of your bedroom.

Bad weather means that we’re spending more time indoors, so there’s no better time to turn our bedrooms into cosy little spaces that are brimming with comfort, warmth and style. Read on for 5 ways to make your bedroom extra cosy this winter.

Update your skirting boards

Skirting boards protect our walls from bumps and scrapes, which means that they can look pretty tired and can make any room look drab and dreary – no matter how well it’s decorated! Installing a skirtings r us skirting board is the simplest and quickest way to update your room and have it looking fresh and new this winter. Check them out!

Blankets and throws

Is there anything more inviting then a huge bed that’s been generously decorated with blankets, throws and extra pillows? In order to boost the comfort factor, layering additional throws and blankets onto your bed will add texture, comfort and warmth into your bedroom. Choose warm colours that compliment your colour scheme. Chunky knits, oversized pillows and squishy covers – what could be better than sinking into all that softness after a long day at work?

Don’t forget the floor!

No one likes getting out of a warm bed on a cold winter’s morning, but putting your feet down onto a freezing cold floor? What could be worse? When you’re boosting the levels of comfort in your bedroom, don’t neglect the floor. Adding rugs onto the floor will not only keep your feet warm on those chilly mornings, but they’ll also add another level of comfort and style to your room.

It’s all about the lighting

Most of us make do with an overhead light in our bedrooms. They do the job and allow us to see what we’re doing! However when it comes to comfort and cosiness, they just don’t cut it. Adding a string of twinkling fairy lights around your bed or even your window will make any room look super cute and extra cosy. Opt for candles – flameless, LEDs are safer than traditional ones – and adding lamps to your side tables will fill your room with warm illumination rather than the stark, clinical light from your overhead lamp.

Update your windows

Windows are often the worst culprits for letting in draughts and letting warm air escape in the winter months. With this in mind, why not insulate your bedroom with a set of thick, gorgeously stylish curtains? They’ll keep the heat in and make your bedroom look super cosy at the same time.

How do you make your bedroom look and feel cosy during the Winter months?

Image: The French Bedroom Company