I have in my possession revised scale house plans, thanks to Chris at Innex Design and they rock!  Taking on board my and your feedback, make sure you catch up with Chris’s feedback here, Innex have further developed our house design.  Whilst I am itching to share that with you, first I want to share the “wildcard’ idea and throw that out there for your feedback and thoughts.  A very different scheme to the previous designs.

If you are new to this blog or want a refresher on the existing house design and plot this post House + Plot = Opportunity is the best place to start.

So here’s the Wildcard, lets start with the ground floor…


This uses the ground floor space in a very different way.  The entrance will be double height with a void through to the first floor, the current playroom reduced to make way for a corridor, the kitchen stays where it is but combines the current utility room space and a utility room is connected through to a double garage.  On the other side of the house the living room is extended further to create a large dining room and a study can be accommodated at the front of the living room if necessary, see the enlarged option below.


Upstairs it is pretty much all change especially with the master bedroom incorporating a balcony over the dining room extension and the inclusion of an office / fifth bedroom upstairs.


A very different scheme, the void to the first floor would create a really different feel on arriving but does it work as well and will it add as much value?  Do we need a double garage or is more living space more use and a better investment?

As always, would love to hear your thoughts … later this week I will post up the further developed plans for the other scheme … come back soon!